Sunday, 30 September 2012

Amazing Photos From the World's Best Fathers

Dave Engledow is creating an unconventional scrapbook for his daughter, Alice Bee. When the little girl -- now a toddler -- grows up she'll have a complete photographic record of herself in highly precarious situations. But most likely, the images will bring up memories that are sweet, not scary, because Alice stars in “World's Best Father," a tongue-in-cheek photo series meant to poke fun at the type of father Engledow does not want to be. 

He is now raising funds for World's Best Father 2013 Calendar onKickstarter !

BONUS: Other cute daddy's little girl portraits!!!

This father decided to make fake tattoos to celebrate his first one on one time with his daughter. I know some of you will say this is child abuse, but I think it's cute as hell. 

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Justin Lee Collins 'made girlfriend recount every sexual encounter for notebook

Comedian and television presenter Justin Lee Collins made his girlfriend recount every sexual experience she had ever had for a notebook he kept as part of a campaign of domestic abuse, a court heard today.

 Justin Lee Collins and girlfriend Anna Larke
Justin Lee Collins and girlfriend Anna Larke Photo: REX/FLYNET

Comedian and television presenter Justin Lee Collins made his girlfriend recount every sexual experience she had ever had for a notebook he kept as part of a campaign of domestic abuse, a court heard today.
The 38-year-old also made Anna Larke throw away her DVD collection ''on the basis she found some of the male actors in the movies to be attractive'', it is alleged.
The performer assaulted and harassed his girlfriend during their nine-month relationship last year, said prosecutor Peter Shaw, at St Albans Crown Court.
A jury of nine women and three men heard that Collins, who came to fame with Channel 4's The Friday Night Project, made Ms Larke, 38, close her email, Facebook and Twitter accounts after reading her messages.
They met while Collins was still married. Ms Larke helped him move from Bristol to Kew, south west London, in January 2011, and she moved in with him.
Mr Shaw said: ''The main part of that relationship was characterised by this defendant exerting control over her, verbally abusing her and physically assaulting her.''
The defendant ''exhibited a desire to restrict'' his girlfriend's activities, the barrister said.
''Significantly, Mr Collins resorted to compiling a dossier in the form of a Pukka Pad notebook.
''The purpose of the notebook was to list every sexual experience with every one of Ms Larke's previous lovers or partners.
''He would ask her questions and then write it down.
''She felt it was a disgusting thing to have to do and she was worried that she would lose him by doing it.
''He sometimes accused her of lying about the details of her past and initially she did lie about her past because she regarded it as acutely private but he told her that it would help the relationship and help him deal with her past.''
Mr Shaw added: ''When Mr Collins was satisfied that Ms Larke had provided a sufficient amount of information he signified his satisfaction with the word 'Done'.''
Collins was "insistent" that his girlfriend, a recovering alcoholic, "sleep facing towards him and that, if he awoke in the dead of night to find that she turned away from him in the bed, he would rouse her and criticise her for having turned her back to him", the prosecutor said.
Mr Shaw said Ms Larke, a video games public relations worker, tried to help the defendant get anger management therapy and sent him a link to a domestic violence course.
"Mr Collins would often verbally abuse her and mention details in the pad," said the barrister.
"He would call her a slag and a filthy whore and similar derogatory terms.
"He once told her she was riddled with STDs."
One entry in the pad referred to a man who expressed a desire to slap the victim which she allowed but found unpleasant and did not want to repeat.
Mr Shaw said: "Once, when the defendant lost his temper with Ms Larke, he slapped her in the face.
"He told her in effect that she must like it in a sexual way because she had allowed a previous boyfriend to do so.
"He wanted to know from her why he couldn't slap her in the face."
Collins, sitting in the dock and wearing a beard and long hair, listened as Mr Shaw added that he had threatened to "put her in hospital unless she shut up." He also physcially stuck her with his hand in an intimate area, it was claimed.
A party of schoolchildren on a field trip was sitting in the public gallery. Half left during the prosecution opening.
On a trip to Miami in March 2011, Collins grabbed his partner's hair and pulled her to the floor, the barrister said.
"He pinned her down and spat in her face.
"She was screaming so loudly that a member of the hotel staff attended the room to see what was happening."
In May that year, Collins returned home from filming abroad and was "angry" that Ms Larke had only managed to attend one Alcoholics Anonymous meeting that day rather than two.
"He wanted to know what she had been doing while he was away and accused her of infidelity," said Mr Shaw.
"He was slapping her and she was forced to flee the flat screaming for help."
Collins was also said to have assaulted Ms Larke in June 2011.
He went to collect her in his car and got angry when she was not where he expected her to be, it was alleged.
"He threw a sat nav at her and pulled her hair and yanked her head back," said Mr Shaw.
On July 2 the couple visited a pub and Collins told Ms Larke to put her arm around him, the court heard.
Ms Larke pointed out a younger couple hugging and said she wanted to be held in the same way.
Collins accused her of "fancying the man", Mr Shaw said.
Later, back at their house, a row ensued and Ms Larke recorded it.
Clips were played in which Collins is heard shouting: "You f------ up at the pub. When you're f------ with me, you look at the f------ ground, you look at a tree, you look at a bench, you look at any f------ inanimate object, you do not look at any other f------ human being, you s--g, do you understand?"
In the recording, Collins accuses Ms Larke of being "very promiscuous" and having had 50 lovers.
The recording also captured Collins shouting, in his distinctive West Country accent, that his girlfriend was a "f------ slag, a dirty vile whore" and a "f------ coke-head, a f------ sex addict, a f------ lesbian".
The clip, which Ms Larke said she made to have a record of his behaviour and to "bolster her resolve" also captures Collins telling her to "get the f--- out of my life, get back to being the s--g you are".
An interview between Ms Larke and police was played to the jury.
In it she repeatedly breaks down in tears and says their relationship was initially "really lovely" and she was "absolutely in love".
She also says she "worshipped the ground" Collins walked on and would massage his back and feet and would do his hair.
She said she believed Collins made her write in the sex pad because "he had low self-esteem, so he could persecute himself and use it against me - he knows everything about me, which is the ultimate power, isn't it?"
She said when he assaulted her his temper would "blow" and he "smacked" her in the face.
"My whole jaw and teeth were killing me and I would get bruises," she said.
"He would pull my hair and jar my neck so badly."
She also said Collins attacked her in public "but nobody did anything".
In his police interview, Collins denied ever assaulting Ms Larke "other than slapping her cheek to calm her when she'd been self-harming".
Collins, who appeared in the West End musical Rock Of Ages, told detectives that Ms Larke was the possessive one in the relationship.
Collins denies harassing his ex-partner.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Crazy Slippers

 Crazy Slippers

Want to wrap your cold feet in a Tiger 1 Panzer tank? Amagurimi maker Miligurumis will put you in business! You do the crocheting yourself, with the pattern sold at Etsy. Or if you wait, she might make some for you to buy, but they will be in high demand when that happens.

Tapistongs comes from Lise El Sayed and is a lovely rug that can fit wonderfully in a modern living room. Its originality comes from the fact that the rug is not whole, but has four footprints where the two matching pairs of slippers should be. The “downside” is that the slippers look very comfy; someone is bound to wear them eventually, messing up the picture perfect arrangement below. 

Slippers are best used for those rare states of chillax in your otherwise hectic life. If you're an IT guy or a regular compu-nerd, then nothing expresses the life you live better than these keyboard slippers from Kito.

What's great is that aside from the comfy button keys that mildly massage your soles, these Kito's can be had via online retail hub Yaseminstore. Officially designated the Kito Keyboard 2.0, the rubber pair of footadornments doesn't have a USB port or Bluetooth compatibility. What it lacks in specs it more than makes up for in fashion statement. 

Adorable Homer slippers.

Creepiest par of slippers you will see today.

With this awesome pair of sandals, all of your worries about leaving one poor sucker on the crowded beach while you run off into the ocean for some fun and frolic are over. You can stash you cash. Whatever you need to hide, theses sandals can do it for you with ease. 

These slippers are the most effective way to kill a cockroach without needing to get too close to it.

A pair of cleaning slippers is the coolest and funniest way to keep your floor clean without any extra work. All you have to do is just stroll around your flat and your feet will do the work instead of you. These cute helpers lift dust, hair and absorb water without damaging your surface. The slippers are washing machine safe, so you won't have problems cleaning your little cleaners. Available in different bright colors and only for $6.70.(Buy it Here)

Unique rat slippers created for a Tolnaftate cream advertisement campaign.

Do you get up at night to get a drink of water, go to the toilet…and wish you could see in the dark? Remarkably bright LED lights are triggered by your footsteps and light up the floor 30 feet in front of you; the ultra-soft plush style is extra comfortable and cozy warm. 

Another pair of cleaning slippers. This one looks complicated though.

Take a walk in the grass wherever you are in these flip flops that have real grass growing in the soles! They are supposed to last up to four months with proper care. Have you watered your shoes lately? It's a promotion fromKrispy Kreme donuts.

Friday, 21 September 2012

Amazing Photos of Before and After Makeup

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Amazing Real People Who Look Like Cartoons

Before the movie, this guy was just another dorky teen. Now, he's the real life doppelganger of Alfredo Linguini from Disney Pixar's Ratatouille . The resemblance is uncanny! 

Meet the real life Popeye. His real name is Moustafa Ismail and he holds the Guinness World Record for his 31-inch bicep. 

Dora The Explorer in real life: She is clearly not amused.

Carl Fredricksen from Up. 

Could this be BEAVIS?

Meg from Family Guy 

This may come to you as a surprise or a silly joke, but it's nothing but the truth. The popular CGI cartoon Shrek actually existed! In fact, his ogre-ific head was modeled after a real person; he was named Maurice Tillet and he was actually a very intelligent person who was a poet and writer who could speak 14 languages.

Tillet was born in 1903, and as a teenager he manifested a rare disease calledacromegaly, which caused his bones to grow uncontrollably. As a result his body was disfigured, and he turned into what people back then referred to as “freak show”; do you think that put him down? Think again! He headed just the opposite of down by going to the United States to actually take advantage of his condition, turning into a pro wrestler called the “freak ogre of the ring”.

For some princesses, fairytales do exist.

Ned Flanders from The Simpsons.

Peter Griffin from Family Guy.

World's most famous brothers.

Eric Cartman from South Park.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

10 Most Incredible Sex Facts 18+

 The average frequency for sex is two times per week

The average frequency for sex is two times per week
A Durex survey outlined that the average number of times people have sex is 103 times per year, 1.98 times per week and 0.28 times per day! Incorporating sex into your life does have its benefits, including stress reliefand increased energy, but there is no right or wrong quota you need to hit – we're not all bunny rabbits! 

 Heavier men last longer in bed

Heavier men last longer in bed
Put down the weights and grab a hamburger: Researchers in Turkey have finished a yearlong study that correlated body mass index with male sexual performance. Their findings may surprise you: Heavier men were able to make love for an average of 7.3 minutes, while slender men lasted an average of 108 seconds. The study, published in Nature, showed that overweight men had higher levels of the female estradiol hormone, which blocks male hormones and delays the climax. 

 Oral sex could be a cure for morning sickness

Oral sex could be a cure for morning sickness
One academic is proposing a cure for morning sickness that some moms-to-be might find in bad taste — sperm. Gordon Gallup, a psychologist at SUNY-Albany has a theory that pregnant women who are continually exposed to the father's semen are less likely to suffer from AM nausea. Gallup, who specializes in human reproductive competition and behavior, offers the theory that expectant women become ill and vomit because their bodies are rejecting the semen's genetic material as something foreign and unfamiliar. The theory could feasibly quell their queasiness by ingesting the same sperm in order to allow the body to build up a tolerance. The idea, while likely appealing to dads, is only a theory and has yet to be tested.

 Sex cures headaches
Sex cures headaches
If you think sex can't be had due to a headache, how wrong you are, at least according to headache specialist Dr. Vincent Martin. Amazingly, it's just the opposite. Martin stated that the increase in serotonin levels which happens during sex eases the pathways in the brain that can lead to and sustain a headache.

Now, this isn't to say that sex is the answer to all headaches or there would be massive tardiness in the corporate world every day. However, with the act itself being quite a bit more powerful than popping a few ibuprofen or aspirin, perhaps this new headache cure will be tested soon by, well, many.

 Scratching your ankle feels as good as sex

Scratching your ankle feels as good as sex
The old phrase ‘You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours' may need updating. The ankle has overtaken the back as the most satisfying spot to scratch, according to researchers at the Wake Forest School of Medicine in North Carolina. In the study, reported in the British Journal of Dermatology,healthy volunteers were made to itch on the forearm, ankle and back by rubbing them with cowhage, a plant with tiny hairs that irritate the skin. Professor Francis McGlone, a member of the International Forum for the Study of Itch, said, "It was interesting that the ankle was the itchiest site and that the most pleasure came from scratching it, because the back has been well-known as a preferred site for scratching." 

 Men think about sleep & food as much as sex

Men think about sleep & food as much as sex
Men think about sex every seven seconds, right? Not according to a new study that finds men ponder sleep and food as much as they do sex. The study found that the median number of thoughts about sex by college-age men was 18 times a day to women's 10 times a day. But the men also thought about food and sleep proportionately more.

 Finger length may indicate penis size

Finger length may indicate penis size
Hold up your right hand. Are your index and ring fingers mismatched? Congratulations, you're more likely than men with matching digits to have a long penis. A smaller ratio between the second and fourth fingers is linked to a longer stretched penis size, researchers report in the Asian Journal of Andrology. The findings go beyond providing a new finger ratio-based pick-up line for men in bars, however; researchers say that a quick look at a man's fingers could reveal his exposure to male hormones in the womb, providing a hint about his risk for hormone-driven diseases like prostate cancer

 Female orgasm is a form of natural selection

Female orgasm is a form of natural selection
Orgasm is an evolutionary function of nature. In 1967, a man named Desmond Morris wrote a controversial book called "The Naked Ape." The book looked at the female orgasm, suggesting that its purpose was to not only encourage interest in sexual activity, but also to promote exhaustion to encourage her to remain in the horizontal position (preventing sperm from leaking out). He also suggested that women's difficulty in attaining orgasm with men was, in fact, a form of natural selection. Only the most patient, caring, and imaginative men (considered preferred traits) would have the best chance of eliciting an orgasm, and thus successfully conceiving a child.

 Vibrators were used as medical treatment during the 19th century

Vibrators were used as medical treatment during the 19th century
According to the Museum of Sex, the vibrator was originally used as a medicinal treatment for female "hysteria" during the 19th century. The vibrator-induced orgasms helped doctors dissipate hysteria's anxiety-related symptoms. 

 25% of men over 65 use the magic blue pill

25% of men over 65 use the magic blue pill
According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, approximately 5 percent of 40-year-old men and between 15 to 25 percent of 65-year-old men experience erectile dysfunction. 

Another interesting fact about middle age sex is that 46 percent of people over 50 claim to have sex once a week. 85 per cent feel that sex at a more mature age is less pressurized than when they were teens or young adults, suggesting that sex can get better with age