Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Strange and Ever Seen Beauty Treatments in The World

The mania in youth leads people to take appalling risks, injecting faces with toxins, even bathing in excrement.  Below are the Nasty , most dangerous and silly good looking treatments in the world.

Thai Face Slapping

Here treatment consists of pinching and manipulating the skin and light slaps that are supposed to cure wrinkles and shrink pores. This restoring a youthful emergence is extremely arguable, Still its costs high. Fifteen minute sitting will cost nearly 350 dollars.

Fish Pedicure

Fish have been used for some years to perform pedicures  gnawing the lifeless and callused skin away from the feet. The creepy method is in fact quite successful, and those who have had it done claim it is painless. Seized fish have been made known to carry a extensive array of bacteria, which sources cholera and streptococcal diseases.

Bird Dung Facial

Maybe the best known aspect of the geisha is her white pancake makeup, which was some time ago lead based and damaged the skin. To restore their appearance, the geisha used a cream made from the dung of nightingales, which contained stimulating enzymes. Paint face with bird poo, carefully sanitized under ultraviolet light and mixed with some other ingredients to hide the  unpleasant odor. While the claims seem uncertain, some clientele have reported a  glow  on their face after the geisha facial.

Stem Cell Cosmetics

Stem cells can alter into any other cell, and used by the body to make repairs. To repair wrinkles, Unfortunately, the procedure is in its infancy, and there is no technique to calculate accurately how the cells will act. One horrifying example, a woman grew bones in her eyelid.

Micro-Needle Therapy

This is popular in China. While the efficacy of the treatment itself is controversial, there is no way to truly sterilize the equipment, and using it on multiple people provides a vector for infections, including blood-borne , HIV and hepatitis.

DC-CIK Cancer Therapy

DC-CIK treatment is one more controversial method which involves drawing blood from a patient suffering from cancer. The blood is then turned over to a lab, where it is concentrated, then injected back into the body after chemotherapy or surgery. It is said to promote healing. However, some clinics in Hong Kong have begun offering the treatment to give patients a more youthful appearance.

Bee Venom Mask

Bee venom wrinkle cream in fact persuade a reaction in the skin that causes the body to believe it has been stung or damaged, increasing blood flow and collagen and repairing the area. There has been a larger movement for some years to use bee venom to cure all sorts of maladies, from multiple sclerosis to arthritis, but tests have shown it to be largely ineffective.


Minute but dedicated group of people that working for the restorative properties of urine. These people declared that drinking urine can heal a enormous number of diseases  and even cancer. Urine is also used for beauty treatments  when applied topically it is excellent for the skin, clearing up psoriasis, eczema, and acne. The best urine is apparently taken midstream first thing in the morning, when beneficial hormones have been able to build up overnight. maybe not surprisingly, the genuine medical society has not recognized any benefit to the consumption of urine.
Dear readers don't follow these methods for your safety. 

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Mega Unfinished Structures in The World

Here are some Mega Structures  Lot of money had exhausted on them with no Skills, remain Unfinished 

Sagrada Família

Sagrada Família church in Barcelona has received a lot of high-status appreciations in spite of being a work in progress since 1882. Not only has it been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it’s also been visited by the Pope and proclaimed a basilica. The Sagrada Família is an invention of the famous architect Antoni Gaudí, who spent most of his life building it up into the grotesque, nature-inspired work of art it is today. sadly he passed away in 1926, after being hit by a tram. His masterpiece, at that point, was less than a quarter complete.But it’s been carried on ever since, inspired by Gaudí’s vision, and funded almost exclusively by the millions of tourists who gather to it every year. Today, the Sagrada Família is more than halfway done, with an optimistic completion date of 2026.

Marble Hill Nuclear Power Plant

The nuclear plant in Indiana was started in 1977, about 7 years was fully functioning, power-generating foundation stone of the nuclear power industry. In 1984, after sinking $2.5 billion into getting the reactors to about the halfway point, the company at the back of the project up and abandoned it , they simply couldn't have enough money to carry on. They ended up selling some of the equipment to recover a few million in lost costs. The plant’s been sitting half-finished ever since, even though the company that owns it now is currently in the course of action of demolishing it

Woodchester Mansion

Woodchester Mansion is famous because of  it’s a hell of a shell of a house , an outer mansion with an almost completely unfinished inside. William Leigh, whenever he managed to get money to have his mansion worked on, he always personally supervised construction or changed up the plans. The mansion is open to visitors.

New Zealand Parliament Buildings

The good parliamentarians of New Zealand have been working out of an unfinished building for over a century. Plans for the then-new headquarters were drawn up in 1911, and involved two stages of construction: one for the important chambers, and the other for the apparently-not-so-important chambers. The whole thing was supposed to take just two years, but they didn't even get started until 1914, and they didn't get the first stage done until 1922. The second stage of the official parliament buildings was never built. It wasn't  officially opened until 1995. It’s still not finished.

The International Space Station

ISS is  in a state of uninterrupted construction ,and considering it’s operated and maintained by countries from all over the world, the fact that structure hasn't fallen apart yet is actually pretty extraordinary. The Zarya, was launched into orbit in 1998, and the most recent one was added in 2011. The ISS was technically supposed to be completed by 2005, but due to changes in technology and science, this date never really stood a chance. 

Ajuda National Palace

It’s  in Lisbon a well-known vacationers attraction, and also the official residence of the Portuguese royal family. which began in 1796 was never actually completed. Unfortunate finances and a series of wars led to the project being repeatedly adjusted and scaled back, but construction continued in spite of these setbacks all the way up until the Portuguese revolution in 1910, which abolished the monarchy. at present, the half-finished palace serving as a museum.

Cathedral of Saint John the Divine

It is one of the largest Christian churches in the world, and an iconic trait of Manhattan.  Cathedral  was started in 1892 is actually finished. Construction on this thing has pretty much been a mess from the start—it’s been overwhelmed by everything from fiscal woes to engineering problems to wars and fires, the designers switched up its entire architectural approach a couple times. Church officials are still trying to shape out precisely how to finish. Hence its nickname “Saint John the Unfinished”.

Super Power Building

 The Super Power Building is to Scientology as the Vatican is to Catholicism. Work began in 1999 in Clearwater, Florida, and was estimated to take two years and $40 million. In 2003, work was neglected for six years so that the church could re plan the entire interior and ask for their supporters for contributions. Work was started again in 2009, but the construction has still never opened. Many followers left the church in aversion, having donated millions to the cause. Luis and Rocio Garcia in fact filed a court case against the church for wasting their funds.

Deutsches Stadion

The GERMAN STADIUM broke ground in 1937 September in Nuremberg, Germany. The stadium was the creation of Adolf Hitler, who wanted to build a extremely large, Roman-style showground for various wicked purposes luckily, World War Two halted production before they could get any serious work done, the Nazis didn’t do so well in that. Consequently the only leftovers of Deutsches Stadion are some breakdown pillars and walls from a test site, and a big lake in Nuremberg that filled in the former construction hole in the ground.

Westminster Cathedral

Westminster Abbey is one of the most renowned and gorgeous churches in the world let alone England and is by all accounts an architectural work of genius. It is not the mother church of Catholicism in the country that credit belongs to Westminster Cathedral.   The other honor belonging to Westminster Cathedral is never in fact been completed . Work is ongoing, interior is undecorated leaving nothing but uncompleted brickwork in its place. Work began in 1895, but it seems that too expensive to finish.