Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Strange and Ever Seen Beauty Treatments in The World

The mania in youth leads people to take appalling risks, injecting faces with toxins, even bathing in excrement.  Below are the Nasty , most dangerous and silly good looking treatments in the world.

Thai Face Slapping

Here treatment consists of pinching and manipulating the skin and light slaps that are supposed to cure wrinkles and shrink pores. This restoring a youthful emergence is extremely arguable, Still its costs high. Fifteen minute sitting will cost nearly 350 dollars.

Fish Pedicure

Fish have been used for some years to perform pedicures  gnawing the lifeless and callused skin away from the feet. The creepy method is in fact quite successful, and those who have had it done claim it is painless. Seized fish have been made known to carry a extensive array of bacteria, which sources cholera and streptococcal diseases.

Bird Dung Facial

Maybe the best known aspect of the geisha is her white pancake makeup, which was some time ago lead based and damaged the skin. To restore their appearance, the geisha used a cream made from the dung of nightingales, which contained stimulating enzymes. Paint face with bird poo, carefully sanitized under ultraviolet light and mixed with some other ingredients to hide the  unpleasant odor. While the claims seem uncertain, some clientele have reported a  glow  on their face after the geisha facial.

Stem Cell Cosmetics

Stem cells can alter into any other cell, and used by the body to make repairs. To repair wrinkles, Unfortunately, the procedure is in its infancy, and there is no technique to calculate accurately how the cells will act. One horrifying example, a woman grew bones in her eyelid.

Micro-Needle Therapy

This is popular in China. While the efficacy of the treatment itself is controversial, there is no way to truly sterilize the equipment, and using it on multiple people provides a vector for infections, including blood-borne , HIV and hepatitis.

DC-CIK Cancer Therapy

DC-CIK treatment is one more controversial method which involves drawing blood from a patient suffering from cancer. The blood is then turned over to a lab, where it is concentrated, then injected back into the body after chemotherapy or surgery. It is said to promote healing. However, some clinics in Hong Kong have begun offering the treatment to give patients a more youthful appearance.

Bee Venom Mask

Bee venom wrinkle cream in fact persuade a reaction in the skin that causes the body to believe it has been stung or damaged, increasing blood flow and collagen and repairing the area. There has been a larger movement for some years to use bee venom to cure all sorts of maladies, from multiple sclerosis to arthritis, but tests have shown it to be largely ineffective.


Minute but dedicated group of people that working for the restorative properties of urine. These people declared that drinking urine can heal a enormous number of diseases  and even cancer. Urine is also used for beauty treatments  when applied topically it is excellent for the skin, clearing up psoriasis, eczema, and acne. The best urine is apparently taken midstream first thing in the morning, when beneficial hormones have been able to build up overnight. maybe not surprisingly, the genuine medical society has not recognized any benefit to the consumption of urine.
Dear readers don't follow these methods for your safety.