Sunday, 9 December 2012

Future technologies which are under development

Technology is essential for the mankind to lead comfortable and safety living. Here are some future technologies which are under trials.
Light Bulb of future
Developed by :: David Carroll and his team
Developed at  :: Wake Forest University
Technology     :: polymer electroluminescent (FIPEL) technology
Purpose           :: Twice as efficient as traditional fluorescent bulbs that don't shatter,flicker or hum
Availability      :: 2013
Description     :: Nano-Engineered polymer matrix to convert the charge into light. It consists of three layers of moldable white-emitting polymer, which is blended with a small amount of nanomaterial. When stimulated, this material glows to create bright white light, which is comfortable for the human eye to view. The material can also made in any color and shape, which welcomes flexibility in office spaces or even household lamps.

Tiny sticker will find if you loose something

Purpose       :: To track objects
Technology :: Bluetooth-powered
Range          :: 100 Feet
Battery Life :: 1 year
Description  :: The objects you tag with the stickers are displayed on the I phone app's screen, which lets you know how far away you are from them. If you lose something that's tagged, you can tap the object on your phone's screen, and the sticker will buzz and light up.
The group expects to release its first batch of SkickNFind stickers by March 2013.

Dragonfly robot

The Georgia Institute of Technology has plopped its robotic dragonfly drone up on Indiegogo to be crowdfunded. It's a impressive device a four-winged, superlight flier with the ability to hold a camera, plus GPS, Wi-Fi, and compatibility with Smartphone apps. The tiny, 6inch Robot Dragonfly can glide like an insect rather than having to continually flutter to hold itself aloft, like the Parrot AR. Drone 2, so its battery life reaches up to half an hour. 

Hypersonic Skylon Jet

Developed by :: Reaction Engines Ltd

Fuel                  :: Hydrogen and Oxygen.

Speed               :: Getting anywhere in the world within four hours 

Technology      :: “SABRE” similar to current jetliners, but would function as a rocket. Engine    gathers its oxygen supply from the air for take-off, a higher thrust-to-weight ratio is achieved in the absence of on-board fuel. It uses onboard fuel supply once it reaches speeds of Mach 5.

Take off & Landing    :: Regular Airbus

Project Estimation     :: $ 400 million; If any Investor wants to fund this project you can click here REL system

Transformer Robot 

The device, which is roughly the size of a caterpillar, is made of metal rings and strips nd intended to coil like a protein. Inside, there's a small motor that's able to hold its position without power similar to the awful electromagnets used to lift cars in scrap yards, where a strong magnet is paired with a weaker one.

MIT's new model pairs electromagnets and permanent magnets, using power only during charging, not while its switched on or off. Researchers say the device, which they've nicknamed "milli-motein," brings them closer to the idea of programmable matter -- an emergence of computer programs and materials into a programmable, shape-shifting form. In short: a more versatile robot.


 Nature-inspired drones are being developed all around the world. Now, researchers from Switzerland have built a robot inspired by sea turtles.

The sea turtle drone is called Naro-Tartaruga. It's being developed and tested by researchers at ETH Zurich University with the goal of developing a robot that can swim underwater autonomously. The researchers are also interested in studying fin propulsion and the energy consumption of fin-propelled systems. 

The DIY Kid-tracking Drone

Developed by   :: Paul Wallich
Name                 :: Quad copter
Purpose             :: follows his kid to the bus stop
Engines             :: Four
Equipped with  ::  ArduPilot Mega for main Control board , GPS unit , Compass , Video Camera, Micro SD card and Software

Description       :: Wallich put a GPS beacon in his son's backpack so the drone could follow him and back. He just watches his son through Iphone.

Drawbacks        :: Software that powers the drone can make it fly at a certain pre-established distance from the beacon and it can fly autonomously at a certain altitude through assigned GPS waypoints, Drone struggles when it's particularly windy and Battery will dry for long time function.   what if bus comes late ?
Wallich words  :: "The actual idea that this thing would be following him around for real, rather than for fun? I don’t think that would actually go over terribly well," Wallich told NBC.

A flexible smartphone would be more durable than many smartphones currently on the market, and for a time, would set Samsung apart with a unique device offering.


Casio Watch Connects iPhone to Your Wrist

Even though its not a future technology , because of interest of the people  we place this item in our list.
Casio's G-Shock GB6900AA with Bluetooth 4.0 syncs with your iPhone to deliver email and phone call alerts and it tells time, too.
The G-Shock Bluetooth Low Energy Smart Watch also includes notifications for basic things like calendar alerts, weather and stock. One feature we like in particular is the watch's built-in system that notifies you when your iPhone is out of range. Even with its iPhone-syncing capabilities, the Casio watch reportedly doesn't consume an exorbitant amount of energy because it runs on a traditional button-cell battery. Casio's G-Shock connects with iPhone 4S and iPhone 5.