Wednesday, 12 December 2012

World Famous Cable Cars

Masada cable way

Country   :: Israel

Place       :: Masada , Masada cableway

Distance covered  :: 290 meters

Bottom Station  :: 257 meters below sea level

Height     ::  33 meters above sea level

Credits    :: World’s lowest  Cable Car ride

China’s Tianmen Chan or Heaven’s Gate Mountain

Country   :: China

Place       :: China’s Tianmen Chan or Heaven’s Gate Mountain

Nearer to  :: Zhangjiajie

Covering Distance  :: 7455 meters

Height  :: 1279 meters

Credits  :: World's Longest Cable Car

The Telepherique d I aiguille du midi

Country :: France

Name     :: The Telepherique d I aiguille du midi

Place      :: Mont Blanc Massif of the French Alps.

Started in  :: 1955

Max Height :: 2800 meters

Credits :: World’s highest vertical ascent cable car

Sugarloaf Mountain Cable Car


Rio de Janeiro’s Sugarloaf Mountain 

Height :: 396 m (1,299 ft) above the harbor.

Rio de Jeneiro's Cable Car

Skyrail Cable Car 

Country :: Hong Kong

Name  :: Hong Kong’s skyrail cable car ride 

Started in :: 1920

Credits :: First Cable Car as means of Public  transport

Haifa’s Stella Maris cable car

Country   :: Israel

Name      :: Haifa’s Stella Maris cable car ride

Between  :: Mediterranean coast  to  Mount Carmel

 Table Mountain Cable Car

Cape Town’s Table Mountain can be scaled via cable car

Huang Chan Cable Car

Country  :: China

Place       :: Yellow Mountains or Huang Chan

Danger    :: Sudden gust of wind that pushes the little Cable car against the rock face

Klein Matterhorn cable car

Country  :: Switzerland

Place       :: Zermatt

Name      :: Klein Matterhorn cable car

Credits    :: Europe's highest cable car with a terminal located at 3,320 m – just 563 m from the peak.

Langkawi Cable Car

Country  :: Malaysia

Place       :: Island of Langkawi

Credits    ::  most scenic cable car ride ever

Genting Skyway

Country :: Malaysia

Place      :: Genting

Name      :: Genting Skyway

Nearer to :: Kuala Lumpur

Height     :: 1760

Credits     :: World’s Fastest &  South East  Asia’s Longest Cable Car

Genting Skyway