Thursday, 10 January 2013

Most Expensive Items in the World majority made up with Gold and Diamonds

Every one wants to lead expensive life but few are achieved , I hope all our readers  will own some of these items in near future , Lets enjoy few Most Expensive Items in the world .

Van Perckens, a designer collective that designs and produces limited edition luxury items, has designed the world's most expensive champagne cooler finished in solid 20 ct 7kg gold in combination with precious stones.  Cost $724,460

 World's Most Expensive Nail Art

The Macallan auctions $460,000 bottle of whiskey to benefit charity

Mitchell and King has now launched the world’s most expensive car shampoo. This luxurious bespoke shampoo packed in an engraved crystal decanter is available for $242.

French clock by Abraham-Louis Bréguet is the world's most expensive clock at $6.8M

An Italian painter of the High Renaissance, Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino "Raphael" Drawing is the world's most expensive sketch at $48 million

 world’s most expensive coffee Terra Nera ‘Kopi Luwak’, which is giving a new meaning to rich coffee and has spread from Indonesia to the US and Europe, will be now made exclusively available to pre-order at Harrods, at a price range starting from $225 to $10,910.

World's most advanced and expensive £20,000 Scrabble System

Mischa Barton presents the blinged $302,985 London Lotus iPhone case by UUnique London

The epitome of thirst quenching luxury, Aurum 79 water bottle, is crafted out of finest crystal glass, is adorned with pure 24-carat gold and a total of dazzling 113 diamonds. Priced at $900,000, this unique and luxurious bottle, comes filled with 0.5-liters of the Mother Earth's purest spring water from the artesian source in St. Leonhard, Germany, and is jazzed up with pure gold edible flakes.

Geoffrey Parker's unveils one of the most expensive chess sets at $77,880

Geneva-based luxury company Golden Dreams has revealed the world’s most luxurious iPhone 5 collection which boasts the fusion of gold and precious leather with technology.

Most expensive royal shoes: Marie Antoinette's slippers sell for $65,600

$700,000 Most Expensive iPad Mini Case is studded with Sapphires and Diamonds

A $500,000 diamond heel is the world’s most expensive shoe

Electrolux Most Expensive Kitchen Range sells for $100,000

Hart Audio introduces world’s most expensive speakers at £3 Million

World's most expensive Sink covered with 24 karat gold and diamonds cost $80,000

Katie Holmes enrolls Suri Cruise at $40,000 a year private school in New York City

$100,000 iPhone 5 case features natural sapphires and rubies

$1 million bra by Birmingham Estate and Jewelry Buyers

Bloomsbury’s presented this expensive edible cupcake using the real meaning of the words ‘let them eat cake’, rather than encrusting it with diamonds to make it ultra-expensive and not eatable. 

Abu Dhabi considerably dominates with examples like the license plate No. 1 got sold for $14.3 million at Abu Dhabi auction, besides the world’s third most expensive license plate sold for $4.6 million and the second most expensive that fetched 6.86 million in Abu Dhabi. These license plates worth of million dollars not only make an ultra-expensive car more exclusive and expensive, but it also delivers a unique status to its owner.

Pink diamond worth $2.5 million is all set to make its first appearance at the Birks Jewelry stone in Edmonton.

Most expensive sex toys worth $15,000,00

 CliC Gold's unveils $75,000 most expensive Sport Sunglasses made of 18k gold

World's Most Expensive Ice Cream sundae sells for $1,000

World's most expensive engagement rings

World's Most Expensive Coins worth  $7.85million

Boca do Lobo creates Millionaire safe dipped in gold for the Millionaire Fair

World's most expensive Lamborghini Aventador model car got a gilded makeover

Gold toilet worth $200,000

world’s most expensive Christmas tree worth $2 million

Most expensive office inspired from Palace of Versailles $15 million was spent on decorating the office

A DKNY perfume bottle is the world's expensive one

Most expensive bikini for $30 million