Monday, 28 January 2013

Tips to increase your height in any age

No issues still if you have passed 18 years of your life. There are still many ways to increase your height. Here are some functional tips which will show you the path to how to get few more inches of height rapidly to your long bones with some effort.  These tips will hardly harm your body but still it is recommended to be active and careful while enduring or undertaking them in life

Human Growth Hormone products

The growth hormone products are basically nutritional plus medical supplements necessary to realize maximum growth. They are available in form of pills, injections, sprays, powders, etc. and are have high costs. Growth Enhancer plus; Growth Maximize Pro are some of human growth hormone supplements. The ingredients present in it like multivitamins, glucosamine boost the growth hormone levels and giving great effective results. Proper ratio of such ingredients in the products increase vitality, energy and improve focus. The most important point to be noted about such supplements is that they are effective at all ages

Tricky shoes

This is one immediate results for those wish at a moment change. High hills sandals or shoes with raised platform or sole deals in such kind of situations. The elevating foot wears are generally designed with patented technology. Wearing such stuff has now become a trend so these are hardly carefully noticed by other people. The typically lift shoes add between 2 to 4 inches. Rather than seeking out extreme measures like surgery, etc. it is better to move on and accept this way if you wish to get immediate fix.


The physical activities like jumping, running, kicking, weightlifting, swimming etc. strengthen the bones and muscles and tone the body. These innovative and powerful activities help to gain height as they have an obvious effect on spine. In addition to this, they also increase body stamina and endurance by stimulating the pituitary gland for release of various growth hormones. They maintain elasticity in cartilage and helps in restoring its size. Drinking enough water during such exercises is important. These kind of exercises gives assured increase in height if done properly in a routine manner.
Peaceful sleep

Right amount of healthy, peaceful and quality sleep also promotes growth. Stress hormones are reduced and growth hormone release gets stimulated. Release of growth hormones is basically related to state of brain which in turn regulates pituitary gland. Deep and sound sleep of 8-9 hours daily proves vital for body growth or more specifically for increase in height. Less amount of sleep leads to improper repairing of tissues and affect muscle building. Hence sleeping is the major factor to grow taller.


High intensity stretching exercises force the body into producing significant quantities of human growth hormone. Games like lawn tennis, badminton, etc. or swimming are good ways of stretching the body which further helps in increasing the height to a great extent. Other stretching exercises include car stretch, leg and spine stretch, vertical (touch toe) stretch, side bending. These types of exercises make the body flexible and help the bone structure to retain the ability to lengthen. Proper working on your spine and posture is the only way to grow taller after puberty. Body stretching can lead you to this.

Yoga enhances the physical and spiritual well-being. Spines are stretched and elongated while performing yoga resulting to the formation of space and developing the spinal muscles. promptness in yoga ensures rapid results.

Cycling is a great and outstanding way of stimulating the body to grow which in turn results in a fit and fine body. Even doctors advise doing cycling for 1 to 2 hour frequently because it makes heart and lungs healthier along with the strengthening of muscles. Cycling is basically a superior form of exercise in which pushing a pedal stretches the body and makes you extend your leg. Ride the bicycle with foot flat on the pedal, back upright, and seat rose to a position that makes your leg fully extended

Bar hanging

Hanging on the bars 6 to 8 feet above the ground level is one the most effective way leading to increase in height. in a straight line back posture is compulsory for good and fast results. Try to remain in the hanging position for at least 30 to 40 seconds and repeat the same for about 5 minutes. The most significant thing to be reserved in mind is to breathe deeply while doing such action. execute inhaling through nose and exhaling through mouth. As a result, it flexes the spine and elongates.