Monday, 27 August 2012

Strange Businesses

According to his website, Andrew Katzander from New York had an idea “to promote bicycle safety, raise awareness of the immense potential of pedal power and to bring pole dancing to the streets where dancing belongs.” That was the reason why he started his weird business – he rides a rickshaw on which a platform for pole dancing is installed. Of course, he has hired professional dancers. The name of the company is Pole Riders.

2. Pooper Scooper

Jacob and Susan D’Aniello from Washington DC love dogs. Actually, they love them so much, so they started a pooper scooper business. Their company Doody Calls has employees who go to wherever there’s a dog poop and pick it up. Believe it or not, Doody Calls together with its franchises is expected to bring about one million dollars every year.

3. Murder Scene Cleaner

No, this company doesn’t clear the traces that murderers leave behind, but the blood, the urine, the sperm and whatever is left on the crime scene after the investigation. Despite that, owner Jerry Turner from Atlanata is ready to send his employees in meth labs and handle with fecal matters. The name of the company is Advanced Bio-Treatment.

4. Beloved Ashes in the Jewelry

It’s usual to keep beloved’s ashes in an urn, but all can people do in that case is to leave the dead home. If someone wants to bring the beloved one everywhere with him/her, heart is not the only place. The company Life Gem from Illinois offers the opportunity to input them into a piece of jewelry. They can extract carbon from human ashes or human hair and converts it into diamonds through the use of a furnace and other equipment. It costs 3000$ to 20000$.

5. Human Bodies Business

The title might sound like crime, but basically this is very human business. People who want to help the progress of science can donate their full bodies to Phoenix-based Company Science Care. They don’t buy them, as it’s illegal, but they just receive donations. They rent the bodies to medical centers and that’s the way how they make the profits.

6. Termite Lawyer

Many lawyers would say “objection” if their name is related with termites in any sense, but Pete Cardillo from Tampa, Florida, decided to go against prejudices. His law firm Cardillo law LLC deals with cases related to damages made by these insects. He run cases against pest control services, insurance companies and home sellers.

7. Used Seatbelts

Unlimited Supplies from Everyone’s Discards (USED) is company from Canada which has the privilege to be named “USED” and use used materials in producing their products. They buy old seatbelts and convert them into beautiful stylish shoulder bags, handbags or any other accessories.

8. Chicken Poop

Obviously there’s a great business potential in poops, as the market there is not filled with a lot of companies. That’s one more reason how Bill Thomas from phoenix managed to make his Bioscientific Inc. profitable. He earns more than one million dollars every year from selling fertilizer made of chicken poop. It is named Guano Plus, as “guano” is Spanish translation of poop.

9. Cat Toilet

This is bizarre yet clever business. Rebecca Rescate owns the New York-based company CitiKitty and sells the gadget that she has invented. It can teach a cat to go to toilet. Instead of messing around, the cat will go to toilet with that for a few weeks. After that period, the gadget can be thrown and the “educated” cat will do its business on alone.

10. Mannequin Body Parts

Jini Henderson-Townsend from San Francisco smelled what market is not used enough and founded her Mannequin Madness Company. She earns for life renting mannequin body parts. It sounds like a weird business idea, but Jini has a real entrepreneur spirit. Once she said: “either mad for doing this – or I’d found a really crazy niche in a unique market.” She found a crazy niche in a unique market.