Sunday, 19 August 2012

Guest Unleashes Pit bull On Bride During Wedding Reception

ADenver bride’s wedding day turned into a nightmare after one of her guests unleashed a raging pit bull at the reception, mauling her and her new husband.
Alleged attacker Joel Nevarez, 31, was on the run from police Saturday after the incident, and authorities believe he could have fled Colorado for Mexico, where he has family.
Bride Brittany Cortez, 22, said she has no idea what set off Nevarez, a long-time friend with a history of mental problems, during her wedding on Aug. 12.
Wanted: Joel Nevarez
Cortez and her new husband, Jorge Cortez-Trinidad, were in the midst of celebrating when Nevarez briefly left the reception and returned with the pit bull.
“Sic her, sic her, Skylo” he allegedly shouted.
The dog tore into the bride’s shoulders and back.
Bride’s Shoulders and Back Attacked
“Joel stood there with the leash in hand laughing. Laughing that the dog was biting me,” Cortez said.
The assault grew even more grisly when Nevarez allegedly began pummeling the bride with brass knuckles.
As Cortez’s new husband tried to save her, the dog turned on him.