Monday, 27 August 2012

Strange Legal Cases

1. Driving or felatio?

Back in may 2004 Heather Specyalski was accused for committing homicide of Neil Esposito. He was thrown from a car supposedly driven by Specyalski when she missed control and crashed. Having in mind that Esposito was found with trousers down, defendant chose an interesting tactis. He said that she couldn’t commit the crime because she was on the passenger seat performing oral set on the victim. This argument was rejected and now Specyalski has to spend some time in prison.

2. Abused by Bigfoot

When criminals are faced with losing freedom they try to avoid it at all costs, even they make fools from themselves. A child abuser, aware that he has to spend much time in prison made a unique try to avoid the big punishment: he stated that he’s been abused by Bigfoot. Fortunately the judge wasn’t impressed by his “sad story” and sent him in jail for 20 years.

3. No damage for penis fracture

A man sued his girlfriend because, as he says, she broke his penis during a creative sexual session. When the girl tried some new maneuver his penis simply got broken. He sued her for repairing damage for “negligent sexual intercourse”, which resulted with sexual dysfunction. The court made decision that there’s no damage because the sex was consensual, even the position was not.

4. 50 cents bribe enough for jail

75 years old doctor from India was sent to jail for three months after his one year sentence was reduce. He was charged for taking bribe of only 50 cents. To be even more bizarre, he committed the crime 25 years ago. Although he was complaining that the bribe is too low, the court claimed that all the accusations were proven and he had to be sentenced.

5. Mother collects semen from dead son

In a sad story case, a mother of a murdered 21 years old man requested the court in Austin, Texas to let her collect a semen material from her dead son, in order fulfill his lifetime desire to have three sons. The judge agreed and the body was kept at very low temperature for a while until a specialist could collect the sperm.

6. Annoying mother

73 years old mother from Austria was taken to court by her annoyed son after she used to call to her beloved boy approximately 49 times a day for two and a half years. After the hearing the mother innocently stated that she just wanted to talk with him. It’s unclear why her son waited for two and a half years.

7. Father’s grounding overturned by court

A Canadian court lifted the grounding that a father ordered to his 12 years old daughter for disobeying his order to stay away from internet. The girl felt it was unfair and took a legal action against him. Her mother, who had divorced her husband before, used this conflict to stand on the child’s side.

8. Parrot’s testimony ruled out

Gary Rasp was convicted for murder of his business partner Jane Gill, in her house. In attempt to avoid the sentence the defendant tried to use a parrot testimony. The speaking bird which lived in Gill’s house after the murder started repeating “Richard, no, no, no!” For defense it was proof that Richard committed the murder, not Gary. However, the court ruled out parrot’s words as inadmissible and sentenced to life in prison.

9. He wants his “material” back

A maniac from California, who left prison recently because of secretly taping a 16 years old girl, wanted his confiscated materials back. When he understood that the police have no intention to get the staffs back in his possession he sued. Eight months later he decided to drop the suit due to a lot of unwanted media attention. As he said “he just wanted to drop out the material anyway.”

10. Too big to sneak through

A girl from Japan was accused that he broke in her boyfriend’s apartment. However, her lawyers were creative enough to make an excellent defending strategy. They proved that she couldn’t sneak through the hole on the door made by the burglar because she has too big breasts to do so. After her pleading was granted, she stated that although she was ashamed by her big breasts, this time they helped her a lot.