Thursday, 8 November 2012

Beauty queens who lost crowns

Beauty queens had to think twice before they enter a contest. Semi-nude photos to same-sex marriage comments are some of the controversies dancing around beauty queens. Let us name a few sad incidents surrounding beauty queens.
The third runner-up in the Miss USA contest Kelsall was quickly removed the picture from her facebook account after it went viral on net.
Charlotte Campbell
The 24-year-old model Charlotte Campbell is the first ever single mom to win the Miss York City title and qualify for Miss Great Britain final. After posting some nude photos on Facebook she was stripped of her title.
Katie Rees
Katie Rees, Miss Nevada USA 2006, lost her title after posting racy photos of hers with other women on the net.
Danielle Lloyd
Danielle Lloyd, Miss Great Britain 2006, was stripped of her title after having dated with one of the beauty contest judges when she won the title.
You all know Lloyd, the reality star who was accused of bullying and making racist comments about Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty in the famous reality show Celebrity Big Brother in 2007.
Angie Sanclemente
Angie Sanclemente, the Colombian beauty queen was arrested of getting models to smuggle cocaine to Mexico. After the incident, the Argentine media called her the ‘Narco Queen’.
Lindsey Evans
Miss Louisiana Teen USA 2008 Lindsey Evans lost her title for possessing marijuana.
Oxana Fedorova
Oxana Fedorova, Miss Universe 2002, was stripped of her title for missing too many events.
Vanessa Williams
Vanessa Williams is the first black woman to win Miss America title in 1984. She was dismissed after her nude photos were published in Penthouse.
Kari Ann Peniche
Former Miss Oregon Teen USA Kari Ann Peniche was stripped of her title in 2003 after her nude picture appeared on the Playboy magazine.