Monday, 26 November 2012

Costly Celebrity Divorces

Divorce is a part of life for many people in this modern world. A divorce may be necessary to clear away a problem that blocks a person from leading a better life here are some expensive celebrity divorces in our list starts from last.

Jerry Hall divorce from Mick Jagger, after he fathered a Brazilian model's child. it cost Mick an estimated $10-25 Million of his $150 Million net worth.

When Michael Douglas split from his wife Diandra in 2000, he never knew how stubborn she would pursue his fortune. Get this, even after claiming $45 Million of Michael’s fortune, Diandra just kept coming back for more. In 2011 (after Michael beat cancer), a judge finally threw out a case when Diandra went after his Wall St. 2 earnings.

James camaron and linda Hamilton  Divorce worth $50 million.

Paul McCartney should have listened to his kids when they told him not to marry Heather Mills. That blunder cost $60 Million.

Kevin Costner and Cindy Silva split cost him $80 Million .

Harrison Ford and Melissa Mathison settled for $85 Million.

Guy Ritchie and Madonna left on good terms but it cost Madonna $90 Million.

Steven Spielberg and Amy Irving called it quits for $100 Million.

Garth Brooks ,Sandy Mahl – $125 Million.

The highly publicized divorce between Michael and Juanita Jordan ended of $150 Million.

Neil Diamond His divorce from Marcia Murphey drained him for a enormous $150 Million.

Arnold , Maria decided that was worth about $250-$375 Million.

Mel Gibson and Robyn Gibson divorce worth  $425 Million.

Nobody can beat Rupert Murdoch’s divorce debacle. His split from Anna Murdoch cost him a  $1.7 Billion, the largest divorce settlement in history.