Thursday, 8 November 2012

Famous People Who Died in Car Accident

10. Chris Bell
10. Chris Bell 10 Famous People Who Died in Car Accident
At the number tenth spot we have a very famous musician named as Chris Bell. His real name was Christopher Branford Bell. This talented singer was born on 12th January 1951 in Memphis, Tennessee. All through his career as a musician he released many songs which were loved by the people. He also worked with band named as Big Star before starting to work solo. This talented musician died only at a very young age of 27 on 27th December 1978. On this day he was returning home from his father’s restaurant around 1 a.m. in his sports car. Suddenly he lost control of his car and that led to a major accident. Unfortunately this good human being lost his life then and there.
9. Desmond Llewelyn
9. Desmond Llewelyn 10 Famous People Who Died in Car Accident
This great personality is famous throughout the world because of the character named as “Q” which he played in many James Bond movies. He played this character in 17 James Bond classic movies. Desmond Wilkinson Llewelyn was born on 12th September 1914 in Newport, Wales. He died at an age of 84 on 19th December 1999 in East Sussex, London. On 19th December 1999 he got involved in a very lethal car accident that happened when he was returning back to his home after attending a book signing event. His car Renault Megane collided with another car. Although he was given much needed medical attention on a very urgent basis but the doctors could not save his life and he left this world.
8. Lisa Lopes
8. Lisa Lopes 10 Famous People Who Died in Car Accident
Another American musician named as Lisa Nicole Lopes lost her life in a major car accident on 25th April 2002. Lisa Nicole Lopes was also famous among her fans by the name of Left Eye. She was the member of the group named a TLC. Being a talented musician she won as many as four individual Grammy Awards. Lisa Nicole Lopes was born on 27th May 1971. She died at an age of 30 in Lithonia, Honduras. She met with an accident when she lost the control of her car Mitsubishi Montero Sport. Her car rolled many times after hitting the tree by the road side. She died because of the neck injuries and other life threatening wound that she got on her head. Her funeral was held in Georgia.
7. George Smith Patton
7. General George S. Patton 10 Famous People Who Died in Car Accident
George Smith Patton is another great personality who died in a major car accident. He served his nation by being in the United States Army. More importantly he was also the General of the United States Army during the Second World War and he led from the front. This great personality was born on 11th November 1885 in San Gabriel, California. At the age of 60 he left this world. He died in a car accident which happened on 9th December 1945. After returning back from a leisure trip his car got hit with a truck in which he was badly injured. In the end these injuries were too much for him and he could not survive any longer.
6. Jayne Mansfield
6. Jayne Mansfield 10 Famous People Who Died in Car Accident
Vera Jayne Palmer who was also known by the name of Jayne Mansfield was an American celebrity who died at an age of 34 in a car accident. Jayne Mansfield was born on 19th April 1933 in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. She was also singer as well as the model of famous Playboy Playmate. She was considered as one of the sex symbols in the United States. Famous throughout the world for her publicity stunts she died on 29th June 1967 in Slidell, Louisiana. After attending an engagement she along with her lover and her children were returning back their car got struck in a tractor trailer. Except for the children the rest three died after this accident.
5. John Frank Adams
5. John Frank Adams 10 Famous People Who Died in Car Accident
Born on 5th November 1930, this famous British mathematician who was one of the founders of the homotopy theory lost his life in a car accident. John Frank Adams was born in Woolwich and was one of the most renowned mathematicians of his time. His lectures in the University of Chicago were published so that they can benefit the upcoming mathematician. He died on 7th January 1989 at an age of 58. The world lost this genius when he met with a car accident in Brampton, Cambridgeshire.
4. Juscelino Kubitschek
4. Juscelino Kubitschek 10 Famous People Who Died in Car Accident
Juscelino Kubitschek de Oliveira was the 21st President of Brazil. This famous politician was born on 12th September 1902 in Minas Gerais, Brazil. At the age of 73 this famous personality left this world in a tragic car accident which happened in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He is said to be the reason why Brazil is flourishing in every field today. He was from a very poor family and he worked hard to become the President of Brazil. This person died in resend, Rio de Janeiro in a car accident. He was buried in the city of Brasilia.
3. Grace Kelly
3. Princess Grace Kelly 10 Famous People Who Died in Car Accident
Grace Patricia Kelly was the Princess of Monaco who was also famous throughout the world as a leading actress. Grace Patricia Kelly was born on 19th April 1956 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She married the Prince of Monaco to become the family member of the Monaco Royal Family. She was highly appreciated for her acting skills throughout the world. She died at an age of 52 in Monaco. While returning back from her home with her daughter she got a stroke and then she lost control of the car she was driving. The car got slipped in to the mountainside. Although she was taken out safely from there but the injuries which she had after the accident ultimately became the reason for her death.
2. James Dean
2. James Dean 10 Famous People Who Died in Car Accident
James Byron Dean is another person in our list who died because of the car accident. James Byron Dean was born on 8th February 1931 in Marion, Indiana, United States. Being a successful American actor he won the first person to be awarded the Academy Award. He died on 30th September 1955 at a mere age of 24 in Cholame, California. He lost his life in a car accident which he was driving above the prescribed speed limit.
1. Princess Diana
1. Princess Diana 10 Famous People Who Died in Car Accident
The most famous people till date who lost her life in a car accident are undoubtedly the Princess of Wales named as Diana. She was born on 1st July 1961 and was the member of the British Royal Family. Many believe that the accident was in fact a conspiracy to kill the Princess Diana. However she lost her life on 31st August 1997 after she met with an accident in her Mercedes Benz W140. Her driver also lost his life on the same spot. She died at an age of 36 in Paris, France.