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Famous and Sexy Female Bodybuilders( Alphabetically) continues

Famous and Sexy Female Bodybuilders Edition
In this contest We consider both Sexy and Famous, So participant must be Famous as well as Sexy.You can watch (E to Z) in Next  Page.

Aleesha Young
Born on Nov. 10th, 1984 in Salt Lake City Utah

Competition History
The NPC Utah Open 2007 1st place HW and Overall
Nationals 2008 15th place HW
USA’s 2009 7th place HW
The All South Classic 2010 1st place HW and Overall

Body measurement

arms are 17.5”
Quads are 28”
Calves 17”

Alina Popa
32 years old female bodybuilder born in Eastern Europe, Romania.

Competition History

2003 first place National Championship, middleweight
2006 winner of the Grand Prix Troffeo Due Torri Bolognia Italy
2007 NABBA Miss Universe Physique Class
2010 MS. INTERNATIONAL - 8th place

Amanda Dunbar

DOB: 4-21-80
Height: 5'4

Competition History

2005: NPC USA, 1st Light Heavyweights + Overall (earned Pro Card)
2004: Jr. Nationals, 2nd Light Heavyweights (135)
2003: Jr. Nationals, 3rd MW (weight 132)
2002: Southern States, National Qualifier, 2nd place MW (123)
2001: Southeastern USA, National Qualifier, 1st place MW (125)
2001: Jr. Florida, 1st place MW and Overall (126)

Amber Deluca

Nationality:  American Indian; Omaha/Shoshone Bannock tribes
Dob:  07/26/67
Height:  5'9
Weight: 196 lbs.

Competition History
NABBA Ms. Figure America, 2002
2003 NM State Bodybuilding Heavyweight Champion
2005 NPC National Bodybuilding Championshops Competitor
NASA Benchpress Champion

Gym Teacher

Competition History
8-time Rio de Janeiro state champion,
4-time brazilian champion,
2-time south-american champion and placed 8th twice on the World Championship

Anna Maria
 Born on 9th December 1975 in Romania

Competition History

1995 5th place at the Juniors World Championship (IFBB), 57kg. category
1996 5th place at the Juniors World Championship (IFBB), 57kg. category
1998-2002 1th place at the Balchanik Championship (IFBB), Fitness over 167cm.
2002 4th place at the European Championship (IFBB), Fitness over 167cm.
2003 3th place at the European Championship (IFBB), Fitness over 167cm.
1998-2007 1th place at the National Championship, Fitness over 167cm.
2003 8th place at the World Championship (IFBB), Fitness over 167cm.
2007 2th place at the World Championship (NAC) Fitness open.
2007 6th place at the Miss Universe (NAC) Fitness op

Born: May 27, 1970;  Fort Myers, Florida

Competition History
2000 Overall Palm City Champion
2000 Overall Junior Florida Champion
2000 Overall Southeastern USA Champion
2001 Overall Miss Florida
2001 15th Place Nationals - Heavyweight
2002 12th Place USA - Heavyweight
2002 9th Place Nationals - Middleweight
2003 4th Place Nationals - Middleweight
2005 9th Place USA - Light Heavyweight
2005 6th place Nationals - Heavyweight
2005 2nd place Nationals - Heavyweight
2006 2nd place Nationals - Heavyweight

Born in Texas in April of 1982

Competition History
2007 – Lone Star – 2nd Place
2006 – Europa – 4th Place

Born 24.09.1979 in Ptuj, Slovenia.

Competition History
2009 IFBB Worlds Women Championship Como, Italy (Bodybuilding, heavy weight) 2nd
2010 Tampa Pro IFBB 1st
2010 Europa Battle of Champions 1st
2010 Ms. Olympia 10th

Born June 9,1972 in Trinidad, West Indies

Competition History
Central American Champions (CAC) Body Building Championships (Grenada) *Earned Pro Card

 2007:1st Place (Overall) Eastern Caribbean Body Building Championships (Trinidad)
1st Place Trinidad & Tobago Senior National Body Building Championships

2006:1st Place (Overall) Eastern Caribbean Body Building Championships (Anguilla)
1st Place Lawrence Marshall Annual Body Building Championships (Trinidad)

2003:1st (Overall) Place Eastern Caribbean Body Building Championships (Trinidad)

2002:1st Place (Overall) Trinidad & Tobago Senior National Body Building Championships

1999:1st Place (Overall) Trinidad & Tobago Junior National Body Building Championships

1998: 2nd Place Trinidad & Tobago Junior National Body Building Championships

CAC Championships 2009 Pro Card

Birthdate: March 21, 1980
Birthplace: Portland, Oregon
Hometown: Orlando, FL
Height: 5’7”

Competition History
2008 JR Nationals Figure Championships: 1st place Class E and NEW IFBB FIGURE PRO
2008 JR USA Figure Championships: 1st place Class E
2008 Emerald Cup Figure: 2nd place Class F
2007 NPC Figure USA’s: 19th place Class E
2007 NPC Figure Team Universe: 16th place Class F
2007 NPC Jr. National Figure Championship: 12th Place Class F
2006 NPC Jr. National Figure Championship: 9th Place Class D
2006 Emerald Cup Figure: 13th place 5’6-5-8”
2005 Emerald Cup Figure: 7th place 5’6-5’8”
2005 Oregon Ironman Figure: 1st place over 5’6”
2004 NPC Northwest Natural Figure Championships: Overall

Born in Jamica

Competition History
2004 NPC Extravaganza Figure class C 1st pl ace
2004 INBF Worlds figure tall 1st place
2005 INBF figure tall 1st place and overall
2006 WNBF Pro US. Cup 2nd place
2007 Pro Northeast figre 3rd place
2007 WNBF Pro. Ms. Exercise figure tall 4th place

Born in Edmonton Alberta Canada

Competition History
2002 Muscle Beach  placed 1st in women’s heavyweight,
2004 ABBA Alberta Provincials  placed 2nd in women’s heavy weight.
2005 ABBA Alberta Provincials  placed 1st in Women’s heavyweights.

Born in Australia on the 30 July

Competition History
2011 - IFBB NSW State Titles (O52kgs) Womens Bodybuilding 1st Place
2011 - IFBB Australian Titles (O52kgs) Womens Bodybuilding 1st Place
2011 - IFBB Australasian Championships (Open) Bodybuilding 1st Place
2011 - IFBB Amatuer Grand Prix (Open) Bodybuilding 1st Place
2010 - IFBB Australian Titles - 1st Place Bodybuilding(under 55kg)
2010 - IFBB NSW State Titles - 1st Place Open Bodybuilding
2009 - INBA Olympia - 4th Place Open Bodybuilding
2009 - INBA Australian Titles - 1st Open Bodybuilding
2009 - INBA ACT Titles - 1st Open Bodybuilding
2008 - INBA Olympia (San Francisco) - 6th Short Class Bodybuilding
2008 - INBA Australian Titles - 9th Open Bodybuilding
2008 - INBA ACT Titles - 1st Open Bodybuilding
2007 – INBA Ms Australia - Overall
2007 – INBA Australian Titles – 1st
2007 – WNBF Australian Championships – 4th (Best Posing Routine)
2007 – WNBF ACT Championships – 1st (Best Posing Routine)
2006 – INBA Australian Titles – 4th
2006 - INBA ACT Titles – 1st
2005 – INBA Australian Titles – 3rd
2005 - INBA ACT Titles – 1st
2004 – INBA Melbourne Titles – 1st
2004 – INBA City v’s Country – 1st
2004 – Dubbo International Bodybuilding - Overall
2004 – Dubbo International Bodybuilding - 1st
2002 – INBA NSW Natural Physique Titles – 1st (Best Posing Routine)
2002 – INBA Canberra & Country Natural Physique Titles – 2nd
2002 – Dubbo International Bodybuilding Championships – 3rd

Born in New Bedford MA, Age:35

Competition History
0/16/93 - ANBC Whaling City Bodybuilding Championships

10/30/04 - ANBC-New England Natural Bodybuilding & Figure Championships
Novice-Women Overall Champion
Open-Women Division Overall Champion
11/04/04 - ANBC-U.S. ANBC Naturals Bodybuilding, Figure & fitness Championships
Placing: Open Women Tall 1st place - Earned Pro Status
04/23/05 - Muscle Mania Atlantic
Placing: Open Women 1st place
05/08/05 - NPC-2005 New England Bodybuilding & Fitness Championships
Placing: Heavy Weight 2nd place
2005 - NAS-2005 Hudson River Strongman
Placing: 1st place - Qualified for Nationals
2005 - NPC-Northeastern Tournament of Champions Bodybuilding, Fitness, & Figure Championships In conjunction with Massachusetts State Bodybuilding Championships
Placing: 2nd in both shows
Qualified for Nationals & Team Universe
2005-IFPA InShape Pro Classic
Placing: 2nd
2005- INBF Monster Mash
Placing: 4th
11/19&20/2005 –MuscleMania World
Placing: 3rd
2006 –NAS- Stronger Than All 2
Age: 28
Weight: 170
Placing: 5th in the women’s heavy weight
2006 NGA Pro Universe - 6th Place
2006 NGA Granite State Open* - Overall Bodybuilding Champion & 1st Place in Heavyweight *Awarded NGA Pro card
2006 IFPA US Capital Pro Classic - 5th Place
07/13 & 14/2007 Team Universe Bodybuilding & Fitness Championships National level Competition - 3rd Women’s Heavyweight
2008 Arnold Amateur IFBB International Bodybuilding, Fitness, and Figure Championships - 5th Women's Middleweight
2009 NPC USA Bodybuilding, Fitness and Bikini Championships – 9th Woman’s Light Heavyweight

Born in Germany, Mühlhausen, Thuringia on February 20th, 1979

Competition History

West German Championship in 2003, 1st place
International German Championship in 2003, 1st place
International German Championship in 2004, 1st place
The Miss & Mr. Universe in 2004, Madrid/Spain, 1st place
International German Championship NAC 2005 - 1st Place
Mr & Ms Universum NABBA International in Aachen - 1st Place

Born in New Jersey 6/9/66

Competition History

March 97 San Diego Championships !st place Heavyweight overall
March 97 Los Angelos Championships 1st place Middleweight
Sept 97 Borderstates Ist place lightweight
March 99 San Diego 1st Middleweight
Sept 00 Borderstates 1st middleweight
Sept 01 Bordersates 1st middleweight overall
USA 02 5th Middleweight
USA 03 4th Middleweight
USA 04 3rd Lightheavyweight
USA 05 8th Lightheavyweight
North Americans 05 th Lightheavyweight
Masters Nationals 06 1st Lightheavyweight
USA 06 4th Lightheavyweight
Masters Nationals 07 1st Lightheavyweight & Overall ( pro card)
Atlantic City Pro 07 5th Lightweight

Born in Wausau, Wi Sept 29th

Competition History

1994 Wisconsin Natural BB Championships Class Winner
1996 Madison Championships. overall winner
1996 Wisconsin National Qualifier, Overall winner
1996 NPC Nationals 7th place, Middleweight
1997 NPC Jr. Nationals, 2nd place, middleweight
1998 NPC USA, 3rd place, heavyweight
1998 North American 4th plave heavyweight
1999 NPC Nationals 6th place heavyweight
2000 NPC USA 7th place heavyweight
2001 NPC Nationals 12th place heavyweight
2005 NPC Nationals 2nd place light heavyweight
2006 NPC Nationals 1st place light heavyweight ( pro card)
2007 Europa Super Show 3rd place lightweight
2008 Ms International - IFBB, placed, 12th
New York Pro Championships - IFBB, 5th
2009 Ms International - IFBB, placed, 2nd
Olympia - IFBB, placed, 3rd
2010 Ms International - IFBB, placed, 3rd
Ms. Olympia - IFBB, placed 3rd
2011 Ms. Olympia - IFBB, placed, 4th
Ms. International - IFBB, placed, 4th
2012 Ms. Olympia - IFBB, placed, 2nd
Ms. International - IFBB, placed, 2nd


Competition History
1998  Southwest Texas Bodybuilding Championship  1st place
1998  North Texas Bodybuilding Championships  1st place
1998  Texas Championships  2nd place
1999  NPC Junior Nationals  4th place

Born in Ukraine
Competition History
2005-1 place Rookies Brazil
2005-1 place IFBB contest State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2006-overall champion. Amateur European championship WFF
2006- Overall Winner - Pro Champion European Championship WFF 
2007- 3rd place Brazilian Nationals IFBB
2008-1st place Rio State IFBB
2008- 3rd Place Brazilian championship 2008