Thursday, 8 November 2012


Jej stopy ciągle rosną!Mandy Sellars (born 20 February 1975 in LancashireUnited Kingdom) is a woman diagnosed as suffering from what is believed by some doctors to be Proteus syndrome, a very rare condition thought to afflict only 120 people worldwide
She was born with abnormally large and misshapen legs and feet, which continued to grow at a disproportionate rate. In a November 2009 interview, she estimated that she weighed about 21 stone (294 lb or 133 kg): 6 stone (84 lb or 38 kg) for her upper body and the remainder in her legs and feet (210 lb or 95 kg)
Doctors were unable to provide a diagnosis for many years, until some doctors decided on Proteus syndrome in May 2006, though Sellar's condition is atypical in many respects. The most famous person with Proteus syndrome may be Joseph Merrick, the "Elephant Man". There is no known cure