Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Best Reality Shows on the Earth

10. Top Chef:
top chef 300x209 Top 10 Best TV Reality Shows in the World
This show revolves around food and cooking. It is telecasted on Bravo cable Network. There are up to 14 chefs. There are two challenges every week. Quick fire is the first challenge. In this challenge each is given an hour to perform cooking tasks .These tasks having some limitations. The one who wins the task is saved from elimination and gets benefit in Elimination challenge which is the second challenge. In this challenge chefs are given more time limit and narrow funds to ready their dish. Their dishes are criticized by the judges. Among all the dishes best and worst dish are chosen. Chef with the worst is eliminated and others go to the next level. Tom Colicchio and padma lakshmi are the hosts of the show. Seven seasons of this show has come.
9. Celebrity Apprentice:
celebrity apprentice90 300x198 Top 10 Best TV Reality Shows in the World
Celebrity Apprentice is getting a lot of fame. This amazing reality show is produced by Donald Trump. Celebrity Apprentice is modification of Apprentice TV series. Participants of the show are celebrities from different entertainment fields. In this reality show all the participants are apprentice to billionaire Donald Trump and fight to get a job from him. $250,000 will be collected by the winner. This amount will be donated to a charity chosen by the winner. USA, Australia and UK have used this concept. It is telecasted on NBC television.
8. The Amazing Race:
amazing race road 300x225 Top 10 Best TV Reality Shows in the World
The Amazing Race is telecasted on CBS network. Phil keoghan is the host of the show. This reality show was nominated for Emmy eight times and seven times it has won Emmy. Persons who know each other or are in a relationship make the contestants pair of the show. They have to reach pit stops first to escape from elimination and to get prizes. A hint is given to them for their destination on each leg of their journey. At their destination they are assigned a task. When only three teams remain in the competition, a million dollars prize is awarded to the team arriving first at the final leg. Now this reality show comes in many international versions.
 7. The Biggest Loser:
biggestloser image 300x300 Top 10 Best TV Reality Shows in the World
It is a very amazing and famous reality show from USA. This show is broadcasted on NBC network. Many countries are broadcasting this show in different versions created by their own. This show is for the people who are overweight and heavy. Show is based on idea to lose weight. Prize will be awarded to the contestant who is the biggest loser of weight. Overweight issues are highlighted. Various countries broadcast this show.
6. American Idol:
americal idol 300x225 Top 10 Best TV Reality Shows in the World
This show is the one among the most famous shows. FOX network broadcasted this show firstly. In the list only this show has an audition phase for selection of participants. Among selected participants only 12 reach in the finals and get a chance to sing theme based songs. Judges gives their comments on each participant’s performance.  The one who get least votes by viewers is eliminated every week after the competition night and the one who remains till the end is the winner of the show. Winner of the show is awarded with an album contract and cash prizes.
5. The Bachelor:
the bachelor 300x239 Top 10 Best TV Reality Shows in the World
This is a dating show which is broadcasted on ABC networks. Any actor, prince, millionaire etc is a suitable bachelor for this show. Out of 25 ladies he chooses a wife for himself. He goes on date with each woman and eliminates them one by one. At the end bachelor meets the family of women in their hometown and the women’s family meet the bachelor’s family.  In the finale there are two women out of which he selects one whom he will marry. Bachelor is becoming famous and stronger.
4. America’s Next Top Model:
americas next top model 7 300x300 Top 10 Best TV Reality Shows in the World
Tyra Banks, a supermodel has created this awesome show. It is very popular because people can obtain many fashion related tips. There are 10-15 contestants. First challenge includes some modeling aspects and second challenge is of a photo shoot. The contestant who has worst photo among them is eliminated and has to leave the model’s apartment .Winner is awarded with a modeling contract by top agency and many other prizes. Seasons of America’s Next Top Model are called cycles. This show was telecasted on UPN. Later on CW was fused with UPN and after 14 cycles it was highest rated show of CW.
3. Big Brother:
big brother 300x225 Top 10 Best TV Reality Shows in the World

Netherland was the first country to premiere this show. After that UK picked this popular show. It is famous all over the world. John de Mol owner of Dutch production house has produced this reality show. It is considered that Big Brother which is a fictional character is constantly observing you.  There are generally up to 15 participants. All of them have to live in a house cut off from world for three months. They are monitored by TV cameras. There is voting system. Viewers can vote their favorite contestant to keep them in house. The winner is awarded with a cash prize. It is aired by many countries.
 2. Dancing with The Stars:
dancing stars Top 10 Best TV Reality Shows in the World
In US It is broadcasted on ABC and in Canada it is broadcasted on CTV. Hosts of the show are Tom Bergeon, Samantha Harris, Lisa Canning and Brooke Burke. Each contestant pair consists of one celebrity and one professional dancer. They have to do a number of different dance styles like Salsa, Cha-Cha-Cha etc. Every week one contestant pair with lowest viewer’s votes and judges points is eliminated from show. Dancer pairs become fewer and fewer every week. Dancer pair who wins the final is the winner of the show. Winner is awarded with a trophy “disco ball”. There is no cash prize.
1. Survivor:
survivor l 300x225 Top 10 Best TV Reality Shows in the World
Survivor is telecasted on CBS. This show is the American version of the TV series named Expedition Robinson produced by Mark Burnett, producer of British television. This was the first show to get highest rating and profit on television. Basic idea is that a troop of strangers are stuck on some isolated location where they fight for their survival as the show name describes. To decide which contestant will stay and which will be voted out they have challenges and a voting round.  The one who survives till the last is the winner of one million dollar.