Thursday, 8 November 2012

Famous People who died in a Plane Crash

Death, the most awaited visitor, no one knows when we are going to die but its just a moment when we get separated from our loved ones, nobody can predict it and nobody can deny it, one day every one of us has to leave this earth. So many people died when they dint expected to but who can stop death, so we should be always ready to face our death in reference to what we have done here so that we always die with pleasure not with the burden of the wrong we had done with the past and always live following the righteous path. Here is a list of some people who didn’t wish but had to die due to and unfortunate incident i.e. plane crash
marshl univ 300x216 Top 10 Famous People who died in a Plane Crash
Nov 14, 1970
It was a day when the young men were returning, Well-wishers were bidding goodbye to 75 Marshall University football players team and coaches took off from Kinston, N.C., after a the 17-14 loss to East Carolina University, didn’t knew that was the last time they would see anybody alive. During the journey everything seemed normal then a tower personnel saw a red glow west of the airport. Later it was discovered that jet struck a tree about 5,543 feet west of runway. It cut a swatch which was about 95 feet wide, 279 feet long leaving behind several pieces of right wing and the nose. The plane dipped to the right and almost inverted then crashed into hollow nose-first which was about 4,219 ft. short of runway and about 225 ft. south of the middle marker. The impact threw the engines and other parts over a very large area, and the ground fire melted most of the remaining tings a ot we can say reduced it to a powder-like substance.
All 75 people on board died. The crash would be labeled the worst air disaster in American sports history.
olympic boing team1 300x225 Top 10 Famous People who died in a Plane Crash
Mar 14, 1980
It was a very unfortunate incident that pilot discovered some mechanical failure just at the moment they reached their destination. So it crashed near the okecie airport in Poland and ended the death of all the 87 crew and passengers.
Lech KaczyƄski 150x150 Top 10 Famous People who died in a Plane Crash
Apr 10, 2010
He was a polish lawyer who later became the president of Poland in 2005. He was the twin brother as well as identical to the prime minister of Poland belonging to law and justice party. He was a member of the polish delegation who were flying in from Warsaw to mark the 70th anniversary of Katyn massacre by soviet forces during world war II. After some time in the flight rumors say that pilot ignored the advice from the air traffic control to divert to another airport and suddenly the plane crashed. Polands army chief, central bank governer and some other high officials of the country were among the members who died in the plane crash. It Is said that plane was caught up in the higher trees when it was going to land and then it suddenly dropped on the ground and no one survived as the plane was in flames.
 Top 10 Famous People who died in a Plane Crash
july 2, 1937
She was an American aviation pioneer known for bravery. She was the first to fly across the Atlantic ocean alone. She totally loved flying as if it was in her blood. In her attempt to circumnavigate around the globe in the year 1937 when no else would even think about it especially a women, she disappeared over central Pacific Ocean. The government undertook an extensive and very expensive search set out to find them but they got nothing.
John Denver portrait 150x150 Top 10 Famous People who died in a Plane Crash
Oct 12, 1997
The real name of this great man was Henry John Deutschendorf but his fans called him as John Denver. He was an American singer, a social activist and an humanitarian. He began his career in folk music in late 1960’s. he later also performed in films and several notable television serials in the 1970s and 1980s. In California, when he was 53 years old in his single-engine Rutan Long EZ plane was crashed. Rescuers had a hard time trying to identify his body because of huge damage to his face but then later he was identified by his fingerprints. Later after the investigation it was discovered that the main cause of crash was that he was unable to switch safely between fuel tanks which lead to the extreme end.
jonathan mann 150x150 Top 10 Famous People who died in a Plane Crash
Sep 2, 1998
He was the head of WHO’s global AIDS program. He was a genius and a great humanitarian receiving his degrees from Harvard school and college. He was a key figure in early fight against AIDS. He was a man guts, he resigned from his post in WHO to protest against lack of response from UN with respect to implementing different programs for AIDS. He died in a plane crash of Swiss air flight where the plane crashed into the Atlantic after the crew members reported a sudden fire near the cockpit and lead to the death of this great man, his wife a very great researcher in AIDS and all other counting to 229 deaths.
4. Tony Bettenhausen, Jr.
tony betten 150x150 Top 10 Famous People who died in a Plane Crash
Feb 14, 2000
He was the chap car team owner and the brother of 21-time indy racer Gary Bettenheusen. His family holds a distinguished baground of having most combined stars in the field of racing but not the winners. Bettenhausen, Jr. also competed inthe 33 Sprint Cup Series events , most were in 1974 when he scored the career best 7th place, at the Richmond International Raceway.
A difficult 1999 plagued by a lack of sponsorship and a series of pay-drivers saw the team take on a new look in 2000 with the hiring of Michel Jourdain Jr. and herdez sponsorship.
While flying from Blountville Tenn. to Indianapolis, he reported ice on the wings and soon after lost control and spiraled into the ground. Failure of pilot to maintain airspeed during a climb, initiated because of formation of, which resulted in a loss of control and thus all 4 aboard including Bettenhausen’s wife were killed.
snjy gandhi 150x150 Top 10 Famous People who died in a Plane Crash
Jun 23, 1980
He was the son of former prime minister of India Smt. Indira Gandhi. He was flying a stunt plane which was not tested completely and secondly he was not used to fly that kind of plane because of which he was not able to control it properly and lead to the plane crash.
j f k1 150x150 Top 10 Famous People who died in a Plane Crash
Jul 16,1999
A man with multiple talents, son of president Kennedy was an American socialite, lawyer and a pilot. He was dubbed in Public’s magazine as the sexiest man alive in 1988. He was flying the plane and suddenly it got out of his control due to some technical reason and then crashed into the Atlantic Ocean. He was not qualified enough to control a plane in every situation but the situation he faced did not needed that much qualification he was piloting failed to arrive at its planned destination after Kennedy checked in with the FAA Tower at the Airport. Search commenced about 15 hours later to locate them, finally in the late afternoon hours on July 21, bodies of Kennedy, his wife and his sister-in-law were recovered from the ocean by Navy divers.
kalpana chawla 150x150 Top 10 Famous People who died in a Plane Crash
Feb 1, 2003
She was an Indian-American astronaut in NASA and was mission specialist on space shuttle Columbia. She had first flew on the Columbia in 1997 as primary robotic arm operator and mission specialist. Chawla was one of the seven crew members who were killed in Space Shuttle disaster. The shuttle was Disintegrated over north central Texas at about 200,000 feet where it was approaching the Kennedy Space Center in Florida for a landing. She was the one who was praised by whole India for her extraordinary efforts and talent and respected a lot by every Indian citizen.