Monday, 8 October 2012

10 Facebook Tricks You Don’t Know

The number 1 social networking site – Facebook has millions of users associated with it. People use Facebook for various reasons. Till now you were thinking that you know almost everything about this website. But after reading this article, I am sure you will realise that there are many things you could do with your account to enhance your Facebook experience. I am presenting here a list of top 10 Facebook tricks and tips which could be used for increasing your productivity and privacy. You can try them for fun also.
10. Flip Your Status Update
3 Top 10 Facebook Tricks You Don’t Know
Flip Your Status Update
This is an awesome Facebook trick to traumatize your Facebook friends by updating your status in a flipped manner. Fliptext provides an easy method to do it. You just have to type in some words that you want to appear as your status in the first box. Then, click on the option of Flip Text. In the second box, flipped status appears. Now you can copy it and paste it in your Facebook Status box and post it. Now just wait and watch the fun!
9. Add the Dislike Button
8 Top 10 Facebook Tricks You Don’t Know
Adding the dislike button
Many a times you see such status updates and photos on Facebook that you completely dislike. While appreciation can be counted by the number of times like button has been clicked, the disapproval cannot be expressed easily. Here Firefox users have an advantage. There is an add-on available here, which could be to add a dislike button to their status updates and photos. This is really cool and many of your friends would want you to reveal the secret of dislike button on all of your updates.
8. Insert Profile Picture in Facebook Chat
3 Top 10 Facebook Tricks You Don’t Know
Send Profile Picture in Facebook Chat box
What if the person you are chatting with suddenly gets to see his own profile picture in the chat sent by you? Not only his image, you can send anyone’s profile picture in the chat via this trick. In the chat box, just type the user name of the person of whom you want to send the profile picture, in between two double big brackets ([[username]]). To find out the user name of that person, open his/her Facebook profile and see the address bar. The user name displays there. This is really a fun way to impress your friends in the Facebook Chat window itself.
7. Update Status in Blue Colour
 Top 10 Facebook Tricks You Don’t Know
Update status in blue colour
Bored of that black colour status updates? Here is a fun as well as an interesting trick that allows you to update your posts in Blue colour. All you need to do is type your status update in between these codes: @@[1:[0:1: and ]], that is, in your status box, instead of directly typing your status, just type @@[1:[0:1 YOUR STATUS UPDATE]]. This trick provides a nice change to the boring black colour post updates. Also, when your friends would log in to check their news feed, the only post appearing in blue colour is sure to grab their attention. So you will get much attention and praise as well.
6. Auto Logout After Certain Time Period
facebook auto logout firefox 0 Top 10 Facebook Tricks You Don’t Know
Auto Logout
Are you a kind of Facebook addict and want to control this habit of yours? Firefox users do not need to think any more, just install the Auto Logout add-on as soon as possible. This is an interesting Facebook trick that makes you automatically logout of your account after a certain period of time. The default logout time is set to 5 minutes. You can change it as per your requirement by making some changes in the extension menu. Just press Ctrl + Shift + A and set your auto logout time according to your choice.
5. Set Automatic Birthday Wish for Your Friends
Facebook+Birthday1 Top 10 Facebook Tricks You Don’t Know
Automatic Birthday wish
On your busy days, when you do not happen to login, you may miss many of your friends’ birthdays. So here is an interesting and very useful Facebook application. Just visit this app and click on connect with Facebook button appearing on the home page. The app gets installed on your profile as soon as you allow access to your account. The upcoming birthdays of your friends will appear and you can set the birthday wish for them. Congratulations! Your work is done. Now, on the day of their birthday, you do not need to do anything and will wish them on your behalf.
4. Update Blank Status on Facebook
 Top 10 Facebook Tricks You Don’t Know
Update Blank Status on Facebook
Ever tried updating blank status on Facebook? If your answer is – “Yes, but it doesn’t happen” this Facebook trick will resolve that issue. All you need to do is type a simple short code in your Facebook status box. The code is “@[0:0]”. After typing, click on post button and done! Your blank status has been updated. This is really a fun trick to amaze all your Facebook friends.
3. Check Who Has Unfriended You
 Top 10 Facebook Tricks You Don’t Know
Unfriend finder
Facebook does not have any official app to know who has unfriended you. You can download the unfriend finder from here. Now restart you browser and open your Facebook account. Along with the Home option on the top right of your Home page, you would see an option Unfriends. From here, you can check which of your friends has unfriended you and when.
2. Show only Online Friends in Your Chat Box
 Top 10 Facebook Tricks You Don’t Know
show only online friends
Like me, if you are a Google Chrome user and hate that long list of offline + online friends appearing in the chat box, you can go for this trick which makes only your online friends to show up in the chat box. All you need to do is download this Google Chrome Extension and install it on your Chrome Browser. Now when you login into your Facebook account, there would be no offline friends showing up in your chat box.
1. Make your Alphabet Colourful
 Top 10 Facebook Tricks You Don’t Know
colourful facebook chat
This is the most interesting and really cool trick that allows you to make your Facebook chat colourful. If you want to type an alphabet in colour, instead of typing the alphabet, type the code corresponding to the alphabet, as given below:
[[107015582669715]] = A   [[116067591741123]] = B   [[115602405121532]] = C   [[112542438763744]] = D   [[115430438474268]] = E   [[109225112442557]] = F   [[111532845537326]] = G   [[111356865552629]] = H   [[109294689102123]] = I   [[126362660720793]] = J   [[116651741681944]] = K   [[115807951764667]] = L   [[106596672714242]] = M   [[108634132504932]] = N   [[116564658357124]] = O   [[111669128857397]] = P   [[107061805996548]] = Q   [[106699962703083]] = R   [[115927268419031]] = S   [[112669162092780]] = T   [[108983579135532]] = U   [[107023745999320]] = V   [[106678406038354]] = W   [[116740548336581]] = X   [[112416755444217]] = Y   [[165724910215]] = Z