Monday, 8 October 2012

Countries Famous for Delicious Food

All over the world due to different tradition you will find different variety of foods. Different countries are famous for different kind of foods they make and the different way they prepare the food. The top 10 countries that are famous for the mouth-watering delicious foods are listed in the following article.
10. Peru
peru Top 10 Countries Famous for Delicious Food
Peru’s cuisine has found acknowledgement in the list of the best cuisines available worldwide. They have great varieties of dishes that are part of their own culture and some dishes have evolved from the immigrants traditions. Foods that date back to French civilizations are still relished today in the country. Due to diverse geography you will find many different food items in Peru. You will find different varieties of fishes cooked with different recipes there. The famous foods include pescado y maricos which is a seafood, comida criolla, chifa,Inca Cola,roast cuy-roasted guinea pig and many more.
9. France
You will find many dishes that are the part of national dishes of the country. The common foods are baguette, foie grass, truffles. Famous French foods are mainly created from ingredients that are particularly found in France. Cepes the mushroom grown all over France is very famous too.

8. England
d1 Top 10 Countries Famous for Delicious Food
An English meal consists of fresh meat and veg. Britain food offers more choices and diversity. Traditionally the English food is mainly based on beef, pork, lamb, fish and chicken mainly served with potatoes as well as one more vegetable. The food that is most popularly eaten includes sandwiches, pies, and fish and chips. Other delicious foods include black pudding, pork pie and kippers.

7. Turkey
Decorated Turkey Top 10 Countries Famous for Delicious Food
Turkish dishes are mainly the fusion of dishes from central Asian, Balkan and middle eastern dishes. They have also influenced the food habits of their neighboring countries. Turkish food has the blend of Lebanese, Greek as well as Syrian food. Even food bought from a small shop will be as tasty as you will find in a big restaurant. They have very delicious and healthy food. The most famous food item is the simit- the ring shaped bread that has the toppings of sesame seeds. The main ingredients used in Turkish dishes are meat, beef, eggplants, beans onion and garlic. The traditional drink raki is a fabulous drink that looks like water and when you will mix water to it, it turns milky!!!

6. Japan
f1 Top 10 Countries Famous for Delicious Food
You will find many different varieties of dishes in Japan. Te main categories of dishes you will find in Japan are rice dishes, seafood dishes, noodles dishes, nabe dishes etc. the most common dishes you can found there are rice balls, Japanese pancakes, sukiyaki, seaweed biscuits, dried squid and green tea. The Japanese foods are mainly composed of meat, oil and fats and dairy products. They use soy sauce, umeboshi and miso which increase the salt content in the food. Japanese mainly flavor their food using vinegar, salt, sugar, dashi and sake. The different Japanese sweets are rice dumplings, mochi, amanatto, karumetou a cake made from brown sugar, sosu senbei- the thin wafers that can be eaten with soy sauce and many more sweets.

5. China
china1 Top 10 Countries Famous for Delicious Food
The delicious food available in china is irresistible. Chinese dishes are known for their aroma, color, method of cooking, taste and meaning. Chinese food is the most important part of Chinese culture. You will mainly find two ingredients in most of the Chinese foods that are rice and noodles. You can find a wide variety of Chinese foods. Soup is served as the starter in every Chinese restaurant. Chinese dishes do not have rich spices blended in them and hence the tasty Chinese food is good for your health too. The most famous Chinese dishes are Mu Shu pork, Peking duck, different types of pancakes, noodles with different sauces, momos, red bayberry shaped meat balls, fish cooked in vinegar and pepper, deep fried onion and a lot more yummy food.

4. United States
us Top 10 Countries Famous for Delicious Food
Unitd States have a diverse geography and a diverse variety of food. People indifferent region are famous for different dishes and they differ in the manner they cook the same dish in different regions. American apple pie is the famous dessert eaten in United States. American people love bacon than any other food. The hamburgers available there is the marked sandwich of America. Some other cuisines America is famous for are New England Clam chowder, Pastrami, shoofly pie, Smithfield ham, and many more. America is also famous for different varieties of smoothies available there but the typical ones are made from yoghurt, milk, mixture of foods, and different kinds of juices.

3. India
indian food Top 10 Countries Famous for Delicious Food
Some Indian foods still very famous were also consumed five thousand years ago. India is very well known for its vegetarian food. Best vegetarian food can only be found in India. Dur to the vast diversity in India you will find different varieties of food in different regions in India. While in northern region people love wheat people in south prominently eat rice. India is recognized for all types of food ranging from spicey to salty. Some very delicious Indian dished which are not cooked any where else in the world are Pavbhaji, Dosa, Pani-puri Idli. Not only this India is also famous for the different types of sweets available here like ladoos, Rasgullas, Rasmalai etc. you will also find a wide varieties of lentils like masoor, pigeon pea, black gram etc.

2. Mexico
mexico Top 10 Countries Famous for Delicious Food
Mexican dishes are the most colorful dishes with a blend of many types of spices that are particularly grown in the country. You will find every type of food like spicy, sweet and sour, all varieties of meat and seafood. The desserts Mexican people make are very delightful. The chief foods of Mexico are mainly beans and corns. Who do not love chocolates?? Did you know that the word chocolate comes from a Mexican cuisine, xocolatl. It was drunk rather than eaten. Mexico is very famous for Nachos, Mexican pizza, salsas, Rajas, tacos, tortas, and many more. You will find yummy water based ice-creams and delicious candies in Mexico.

1. Italy
italy Top 10 Countries Famous for Delicious Food
Italian dishes are the most famous dishes eaten throughout the world. Italy is not only famous for its history, but also for the mouth watering dishes and wines. Italy is most famous for the different kinds of Pizzas and spaghettis available there. Everyone is crazy about Italian food. The most famous pizza is the margherita which has the blend of tomatoes, mozzarella and basil. Another thing Italy is famous for is gelato which is a Italian ice-cream with low butterfat. Tiramisu the Italian dessert is the yummiest dessert any one has ever tasted. Mozzarella the famous variety of cheese has originated in Italy only. Italy is also known for lasagna, Italian fish soup.