Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Highest Selling Bathing Soaps in the World

Nowadays there are many, many soaps are available in the market and in various varieties having various scents and flavor  Soaps come with vanilla, peaches, fruit and other various flavors  You can choose any one of them as per your wish. For a healthy, white and glowing skin you need not to buy cleansers bleaches or any other beauty product, a nice and good soap can also make your skin look good. With so many choices of soaps out there, it is difficult for people to choose a particular soap as all the soaps are good and advanced. Thus, I am providing you a list of Top 10 Highest Selling Bathing Soaps in the World:
10) Mangrove Soap
 Top 10 Highest Selling Bathing Soaps in the World
Mangrove Soap 7 Guest Bar Fall Goats Milk Sampler Our Fall 7 guest bath soap is manufactured by the Mangrove Soap Company. Its size is half (approx 2.4 0z/68 g) of normal bar size and the bars are hand size. The main ingredients of this soap are grape seed, aloe vera gel, fragrance oils, herbs, jojoba oil, palm oil and shea butter. The scent of this soap is good and it proffers plenty of lather, bubbles and conditioning. This soap set comes with Almond, Lavender, Beau Brummell, Pumpkin Spice, Oatmeal Honey & Milk, Unscented, White Ginger and Amber fragrances. For long use, put this soap in a draining bowl or dish.
9) Classic Ivory Original Bar Soap
ivory soap1 Top 10 Highest Selling Bathing Soaps in the World

The soap is 99.44% pure, clean, simple and lightly scented. It is quite a plain soap and is not too strong. Fewer chemicals are used in its manufacture. If you are using warm water then it will easily lather up.  The odour of this soap is not so over-powering.  After using this soap you will get a nice and clean feeling. This soap cleanses your skin and removes dirt and oils that can clog your pores.  A faint scent will be left on your body by this soap. This soap is easy to use, no need to hassle.
 8) Lemongrass and Tea Tree Oil Soap Bar
LemongrassTeaTreeSoap Top 10 Highest Selling Bathing Soaps in the World
This soap is good for skin issues, extremely good for oily acne-prone hormonal pollen allegoric type skin especially. The smell of this soap is lovable. You don’t have to use any kind of bleachers and your skin will definitely brighten. The soap will improve your complexion to some extent and will reduce your pimples. It is less expensive as compared to other bath soaps. Its cost ranges from $2.99 to $4.99 only.  For good and early results use this soap twice a day.
7) Noble Formula 2 Pyrithione Zinc Bar Soap
noble formula Top 10 Highest Selling Bathing Soaps in the World
This handmade soap works as an excellent cleansing bar as it is formulated with high amount of olive oil which provides you nourishing. The product also contains mango and cocoa butters, moisturizing emu oil and gentle oatmeal. This soap is must to use for dry skin, eczema and psoriasis. If used properly and regularly, this soap does work well on your face.  This soap won’t dry out your face and scalp. As this soap is hand shaped, it comes in various varieties of shapes. It costs about $12.99 for one bar only with a minimum weight of 3.2 ounce.
6) Dudu-Osun African Black Soap (100% pure)
dudu osan Top 10 Highest Selling Bathing Soaps in the World
This black soap will make your skin clear, clean, smooth, moisturized and radiant. It can also help you with acne break out and will rub out dark skin marks and scars too which is one of the main facial skin common issues. The presence of plant ashes gives this soap a black appearance. This will obviously give you a natural and brighter look. It will also help you with your skin problems like eczema, there are no chances of any sort of irritation. But the only disadvantage of this soap is it dissolve fast in water so don’t left it in water if you want to use the same bar for a long time.
5) Original Likas Papaya Skin Whitening Herbal
likas papaya Top 10 Highest Selling Bathing Soaps in the World
This bath soap is enriched with Natural Papaya Enzyme and its ingredients are 100% organic and pure herbs. The herbs whiten the skin; the complexion becomes comparatively fair and the skin becomes smooth. It will make your skin look young and make it clear as it fades the aging lines of your face. It is the first Filipino Pure Organic Herbal Soap. Its smell is not strong as it doesn’t contain any harsh ingredients. After use, it won’t leave any unwanted residues on the body skin. You should try this one once.
4) Dove Beauty Bar, Sensitive Skin
dove sensitive skin Top 10 Highest Selling Bathing Soaps in the World
This product is very useful as it clears acne and is very gentle. It will give make your skin soft, will keep pores from clogging and will make you skin glow. This product worked for many people. Their pimples after using this product get considerably smaller and scars are almost gone. Do use it twice a day for best results. This is best for sensitive skin as well. Thus, this bath soap is far far improved and healthier than a normal regular soap. The product is also not so expensive; it costs about $2.00 to $4.00 per soap.
3) Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps: Pure-Castile Soap (18-in-1 Hemp Peppermint)
dr.bronnie Top 10 Highest Selling Bathing Soaps in the World
This is a bottle of liquid soap by Dr. Bronner. This soap has all the necessary natural ingredients which will make your skin feel gentle. These ingredients are purely organic and certified for use. The bottles used are Recycled and are bio-degradable. In USA, this is the top selling soap. The soap cleans your body and is good for shaving. The Peppermint oil used in this soap is a mild stimulant which will increase vitality and lucidity. Trust me this liquid soap is not annoying and is definitely among the list of good ones.
2) Yardley London Soap Bath Bar: English Lavender
yardley 1024x667 Top 10 Highest Selling Bathing Soaps in the World
This naturally moisturizing bath bar has all the essential oils needed to make you skin even toned.  The soap is formulated with some good Moisturizers and Botanical  This Yardley London Soap Bath Bar gives you a different experience of aromatherapy as it contains extracts of pure lavender and some essential oils that calms and soothes you with a warn natural scent which will melt your stress away. This soap will protect your skin and make it clean & crisp. There is no need to buy expensive cleansers and beauty products if you use this soap daily.
 1) Dove Men + Care Body and Face Bar
Dove Men Care Deep Clean Bar Soap Top 10 Highest Selling Bathing Soaps in the World
The brand dove this time presents a face care product for Men.  This product is purely for men use for body and face only. The essence and smell of this soap is exceedingly strong. You will definitely feel better after using this soap than regular soap. Its ingredients are good for face and body as they purify grains and provide deep cleaning, light tan color, clean rinsing and a gentle wash. Only a few soaps can provide you this. You shouldn’t be worried about anything as this soap doesn’t melt after one wash only. For a 6-pack, it costs around $8.49.