Saturday, 6 October 2012

Notorious Female Terrorists

Lets us tell you what women are worth these days, they are not only your bed pet or your child’s mama. These beings can be deadly with metal, bawdy with looks, remember the song recorded by rock band Heart “If Looks Could Kill”, well it is true now. Women want to prove they too are worthy as a shard, and powerful as men. Take a look yourself.

10. Ulrike Meinhof

This being is the most feared of all. Ulrike Meinhof, yes we think she is a devil in a leather jacket. A leftist activist in her youth days she used to write against Adenauer policy. She founded the RAF (Rote Armee Fraction) organization, also known as the Bader-Meinhof group. Her group was responsible for acute suicide attacks across Germany. They bombed the headquarters of the American Army in Frankfurt and bombed judge Buddenberg’s (who ordered the investigation of RAF) anatomy in his personal car along with the Germany’s most precious brand – the Mercedes. You think this is funny, tell that to the judge who took his place. Meinhof was arrested in 1972 and sentenced to four years in prison and then she committed suicide in 1975, poor old woman didn’t even had the opportunity to procreate.

9. Fusako Shigenobu

Fusako Shifenobu, a teacher in her early years, is the most wanted lady today. She was the leader of the Japanese Red Army organization, which was responsible for series of attacks on American consulates in the 1980`s. She withdrew from the public and is living in Syria today, but who knows she might be lecturing your kids in the school. Oops watch out..!

8. Aafia Siddiqui

Who doesn’t know her, I mean why we would be making this list anyway. A mother of three; schooled well, joined MIT, a fluent English speaker and by far the most suspected terrorist belonging to Al Qaida Organization. To top it up she is a neuroscientist, who can mess with your mind and you won’t even know it. FBI has captured her and has her in custody in New York. She also had a computer flash drive with emails (serving as a road map) sent to various suspected Al Qaida members around the world. I mean this is what Al Qaida wants, a highly educated fish that can blend almost anywhere.

7. Shabana Memon and Reshma Memon

Belonging to Sri Lanka, the duo had it all, they had to swap their aliases many times to get the job done. A true masterpiece, it’s like a green chameleon going in for a blast and returning with a red jacket – a fully undetectable move. The two conspired with the notorious Dawood gang to mint out a blast of terror throughout Mumbai. Their team used RDX a serious explosive to demolish the Mumbai Stock exchange building, Air India building and a prominent petrol pump in Dada killing almost 257 people and injuring 713 sending a jerk of fear through India that earned the attack name “Black Friday”. WHAT? It should have been “Red Friday”.

6. Jihad Jane/Sister of Terror a.k.a. Colleen Larose

A killer motive and a killer by birth this lady was meant for destruction and appeared ruthless to a common man. She served as a recruiter for other people to define her cause and by recruiting we mean she did train some bigger terrorist ties there are in the world today. Lived in suburban Philadelphia and was involved with training men and women from the US, Europe and Asia to wage violent jihad. Her current location is still a mystery.

5. Donna Maguire

Voted as Europe’s most feared woman, she was involved in the bombing of British Army barracks at Osnabruck on 19 June, the killing of a British soldier in a car bomb attack and the murders of two Australian tourists mistaken for off-duty soldiers. She was found guilty of attempted murder, explosives offences and spying on British Army bases in Germany with intent to sabotage and sentenced to nine years in jail. A family friend was quoted saying these exact words: “She was an ordinary girl on the surface, but underneath she was as hard as nails.”

4. Amna Muna

Known as the “internet assassin, she used to lure innocent Israeli teenagers by appearing as a tourist or as an attractive love ball into her home and then shoot the poor boy point blank. Presenting herself as “Sally,” an American tourist, and offering “a good time,” she asked Ofir Rahum, to bring condoms because “I don’t want to get pregnant”, these were the words she usually used to get the job done. She was soon arrested and tortured by the fellow prisoners, but as luck would have it, she became a tough nut to crack, and quickly rose to be called the most feared lady in the entire prison. On one account she poured hot oil on a fellow prisoner who complained about the food being given to them. Jesus! Who would want her as a cleaning lady around the house? Definitely not me!

3. Wafa el-Bass

Check this one out; she had her own peculiar trick on her own, don’t we all agree that we all are intimidated by a sexy sight of a lady’s undergarments. ADMIT IT! We all do. So in 2005 this woman carried explosives in her underwear and took advantage of a special visa to receive medical care at an Israeli hospital, and decided to try blow the place up. Border police stopped her when they noticed her strange bottom, and as they approached, her detonator failed.

2. Umm Anas

Graduated from a program originally aimed at creating free martyrs, she trained many female suicide bombers in Gaza. To her sacrifice was the gift from God. “We were created to become martyrs for God,” she said, her eyes burning behind the full face veil. In an interview she was quoted saying “All the Palestinian people were created to fight in God’s name. If we just throw stones at the Jews they get scared. Imagine what happens when body parts fly at them.” Her main motivation in becoming a suicide bomber appears to be religious rather than nationalistic – the fulfillment of a long-held ambition. Even getting married recently hadn’t changed her mind.

1. Laila Khaled

She is the Palestinian warrior involved in the famous plane hijacking in 1969. Her violent mind was devoted to the creation of the new free Arab front. She also hijacked the El Al plane; the flight was carrying Ahron Yarev, the head of “Israeli” Military Intelligence at the time. They were supposed to land in Amman, Jordan but the pilot took them to London which resulted in the death of their comrade Patrick Aurguillo from Nicaragua. You sure need guts to do what this woman did.