Monday, 8 October 2012

Best Personality Development Tips

Personality development is a very importance aspect in our social and professional life. Personality represents collected works of thoughts, behaviour and feelings linked with a person. Personality development means improving our thoughts, behaviour and feelings in such a way that it will let us win everyone’s heart. Personality development is the need of the day. A fine personality is a must these days in each and every field of work. It’s about directing your emotions in a way that is most beneficial for you.
I am listing some ways to improve your personality and develop a new living with a new and better taste.
10 tips On How to Improve Personality Development
10)  Managing time
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This is an important part of personality development. One should be very punctual and should be very well aware of the importance of time. Prepare a time table for yourself and do work step by step. Don’t waste your time in unimportant things. Just focus on those   methods that will bring you positive results. This will make you perfect.

9) Passion for work                                                                        
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Passion is very important. One should have interest in his/her work. With interest, anything can be achieved. Make a goal and think new innovative ideas. If others discard your ideas then ignore them, just believe in yourself and in what you are doing. Don’t divert your thoughts by listening to others. People never stop criticizing; they will still criticize you even when you will be in the top of the world.

8) Leave Your Comfort Zone and attempt something new
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 Step out of your ease zone and Challenge yourself – gain knowledge in new and different medium. You must have an encouraging attitude and an open minded view. Firstly, become an expert in your field and then try in new fields and learn new things. This will be an exciting experience.

7) Complete your work and Do extra efforts
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Focus on your job and get the job done. Don’t make excuses and don’t blame anyone when things are not coming as per your map.  When the work didn’t get completed, don’t give silly reasons like lack of time. Recognise your own mistakes. Be prepared and push yourself to the extra mile. In the starting time you will certainly get annoyed by the workload but you have to think positive and keep on working on that. Your effort and regularity will make you win. The more pain you get in life the more valuable you will become.      

6) Never change your values
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Stick to your decisions and values. Always be what you are in reality. Some changes in life are necessary but not all. Everyone in this world is different and has different values and ideals. Don’t forget to Respect your values but do respect others values too. Remain unaffected by the negativity or criticism of others (this is a very difficult skill to master).
5)  Be fearless
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You will make mistakes and it’s natural. Don’t fear failure. Learn from your mistakes, correct them and move on. Don’t hold back to where you were. Realise your responsibilities. Be friendly and welcome each and every person you meet with a warm smile on your face. Talk to them freely without any fear.

4)  Be the person in charge
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It matters whether you have lots of knowledge or you have little. Collect verbal and technical knowledge in a large amount and use it well. Know about the current affairs of the country. Pass your knowledge to the World; let them know what you really are. This will make you feel good and will attract people. Communicate and interact with people of all types. Present your positive sides in front of people. Be confident and handle people the right away. Talk to them and let them know you.

3)   Learn to appreciate others
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Don’t criticize or condemn others. Learn to motivate them; appreciate them fully. Your discouraging behaviour will irritate the people and will bring a wrong impression of yours on their already beautiful minds. Be gentle and soft, value their views and never make fun of them at least not in front of others. Do not miss a single opportunity to offer gratitude for even small tasks. One day you will feel good after making others feel good.

 2) Proper Body language
Business Woman Top 10 Best Personality Development Tips

It is one of the most important elements of personality development. You need to learn how to behave and what you body language should be when you are in front of professionals. Body language includes your way to talking, your fluency, your facial expressions and your body posture. All should be correct. Learn English; Avoid vulgarity and abusive words. Be calm when you win and bold when you lose.

1) Don’t lose hope
hope Top 10 Best Personality Development Tips
Have faith and believe in yourself. You are capable; you can do things; all you need to do is to believe in your positive points and make them work. You just need to be determined. Prepare for the best and try things till you reach success. Motivate yourself and have fresh thoughts in your mind. Don’t compare yourself with other people.
A great and famous quote on Personality Development:
‘Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.’
- Judy Garland
Just a little focus on personality development will definitely help you cross many hurdles in your life. With winning ways of personality development turn things in your favour. It is well said that “facing the change will change everything”.