Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Most Weird Scientific Facts

Science is weird; all those who don’t understand it, will agree with this and all those who understand it, will say the same. The mystery of science is solved up to a great extent and a lot more are left unveiled till now. The study of science tells us that there are a many categories in this field and all of them are loaded with many interesting and at the same time weird scientific facts in every field, be it physics, chemistry, biological, and all such categories. We have some of the weirdest facts about science listed below.

#10] Colour of Universe

universe cosmic latte Top 10 Most Weird Scientific Facts
The colour of Universe was declared as Cosmic Latte by an astronomers’ team of Johns Hopkins University. Universe is greenish white was determined by Karl Glazebrook along with Ivan Baldry in the year 2001, but they corrected it in their paper in 2002 stating that there is a beige white color formed when all the light colors are added up. The paper carried details about that survey done on more than 200,000 galaxies and a significantly large volume of universe was covered. After declaring that Glazebrook was looking forward to have some suggestions on the name of this new color, he selected “Cosmic Latte” as the final name. This color has the hexadecimal RGB value #FFF8E7.

#9] Super-fluid Helium

superfluid helium Top 10 Most Weird Scientific Facts
When a matter gains fluid properties but no viscosity and no entropy, it is said to be in superfluid state. The matter appears like a normal liquid and is capable of flowing without friction on any surface. Superfluid helium-4 is a special type is superfluid that produces Josephson Effect. In helium-4’s liquid state, it can achieve superfluidity at temperatures higher than that required by helium-3. Difference between helium-3 and helium-4 is that helium-3 will form bosons by forming a pair with itself at lower temperatures, whereas helium-4 will form boson particle and has zero spin.

#8] Energy of Typical Hurricane

hurricane Top 10 Most Weird Scientific Facts
A typical hurricane can produce energy equivalent to that produces by 8,000 one megaton bombs!! If you are wondering where do these hurricane gains this much energy, well, the answer is warm water and heat. The amount moister in the air is equally proportional to the heat of warm water. You can understand the function of a Hurricane by relating it to the working a heat engine. Just like an engine, it takes it takes input as heat from the warm, moist air found over tropical ocean, condenses the vapours to form droplets and releases heat. There is a certain amount of kinetic energy which is generated by the winds of hurricane to add up to the energy released by condensation process.

#7] Animals raining from sky

animal rain Top 10 Most Weird Scientific Facts
History shows that in many countries, animals do actually rain from the sky by a meteorological phenomenon depicting the power of the meteorological pull. Fish, frogs, and birds are most likely to fall when we talk about falling animals. Fishes can easily survive the fall and in case of frogs they get startled but after a short time gets back to the normal behaviour and remain healthy. Some of them die and enclose in blocks of ice. Such falls are witnessed recently like: fishes in 2006, India; frogs and toads in 2005 in Serbia, fish rain in Wales in 2004, frogs in 1998 in London.

#6] Heal wounds quickly using Fly Larvae

maggot therapy Top 10 Most Weird Scientific Facts
It is medically proved and was discovered long ago. The wounds of the soldiers with maggots healed better and quickly because maggots eat bacteria and dead skin. This turned into a therapy named Maggot Therapy/ Maggot Debridement Therapy/ Larval Therapy/ Larva Therapy/ larvae Therapy. They use live disinfected fly larvae and introduce them on the skin with tissue wounds on animals as well as humans. Once they clean the dead skin or tissue, they are removed and the wound heals faster.

#5] Masses will dance hysterically if poisoned

dancing mania Top 10 Most Weird Scientific Facts
In between the 14th century and 17th century, mainland Europe, the people used to dance on the streets till they exhaust and fall; they used to twist and writhe even after collapsing. They used to foam at the mouth which was because they were poisoned. This was first witnessed in Germany in 1374. It increased in 1418, Strasbourg. It was named as the Dancing mania period. In some cases the study showed that they were poisoned by Claviceps purpurea which is a small fungus containing toxic, alkaloids, lysergic acid, etc. this fungus was present in the rye eaten by them.

#4] Black holes

black holes Top 10 Most Weird Scientific Facts
If you are under the confusion that black holes are black than know that they are not. They are dark but not black. Actually, they slightly glow and emit light across the whole spectrum which includes visible light range also. This emitting or radiation is termed as “Hawking radiation”. It is named so because Stephen Hawking, Mathematics Professor at Cambridge University discovered this existence of the light. They lose mass due this continuous emitting light and will evaporate completely eventually until and unless they have some other source to sustain them like interstellar light and gas.

#3] Listen to crickets to know the outside temperature

cricket chirpping Top 10 Most Weird Scientific Facts
You may not like the chirps of a cricket but they don’t do this randomly; if you listen to them carefully, you can determine the temperature, that too the exact temperature on a Fahrenheit thermometer. To calculate temperature from the chirps, count the number of chirps they make in 15 seconds and add 37 to the number counted. This final answer is the exact temperature in Fahrenheit.

#2] Kissing is healthy

kissing healthy Top 10 Most Weird Scientific Facts
Kissing someone gives you pleasure, presents a sign of love, ends you date appropriately, connects you with your partner, makes your love passionate, and everything like that. But apart from this, kissing is actually very, very good for health. It is proved by researchers that kissing improves the immune system and increases the oxytocin level of the body and helps in relaxing the body. It also burns calories and makes your facial muscles stronger. So, if it does these many positive effects to your body, think before you deny one.

#1] Chickens can live headless

headless chicken Top 10 Most Weird Scientific Facts
All the chickens need for surviving is that their brain stem is intact, after that you may cut its head and yet it will live. A case with a farmer, Lloyd Olsen, tells us that after being hit by an axe, the carotid artery, one ear, and brain stem was all that was left on its head. The chicken was fed using an eye dropper and was given milk and water. The chicken survived for 18 months, and all the systems working just normally like a healthy chicken. This case got popular by the name “Miracle Mike” as Mike was the chicken’s name. Research and study after this case proved that they can actually live without head but not without an intact brain stem.