Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Worst Movies Sequels of all Time

Movies are the entertaining product for the mankind. many movies are the hits for generations but there are movies which have an astonishing effect on masses and oh which it leads to its sequels and there comes a time when these sequels seem as if they were not to be made ever. Producers and Directors put in their all effort to make the next the best but the next is nothing but a great disaster. Here on, I am presenting to you the list of movies, which were never meant to be made after those predeceasing movies and these sequels were just unnecessary for the sake of the time and to escape the audience from such misery after viewing a crap for which they had expected a lot. The list of such craps and unworthy movies have been discussed in details below.
The movies follows as:-
10.) Star Wars : Phantom Menace
Star wars phantom menace Top 10 Worst Movies Sequels of all Time
Since, it was supposed to be the prequel of the series but it came at the end after three movies and audience with a great expectations went in to have some flavor in it but the movie was a complete disaster. Every one is a great fan of Star Wars but the movie is totally crap. This movie was good for kids but not at all this was expected from the movie which is clearly rejected in terms of collecting masses to view.
god father III Top 10 Worst Movies Sequels of all Time
This movie is the sequel and the last part to the famous and second highest rated movie on IDBM ” THE GODFATHER”. The first two movies were the best of the era and for generations and same was expected from this but the movie collapsed on the floors of Box Office and was greatly hated by the viewers and over all review of the film stated the bad acting, the bad style of story plot and I really feel bad to put this movie in the list but the flaws of the movie can’t be ignored at all. The worst of its kind.
8.) Batman and Robin
batman n robin pic Top 10 Worst Movies Sequels of all Time
Although the movie did well at the box office and the comic movie fell prey to the most genuine traps and the result was obvious that ” It was never thought of to be made”. The movie contained all those villains in the movie and moreover the movie dint seem bounded anywhere. The Warner Bros. had to cancel all upcoming plans to further give its sequels after this disaster movie.
7.) Back to the Future – III
back 2 future iii Top 10 Worst Movies Sequels of all Time
It was one of the most awaited movie but once it came, the theatres went off and the cinema halls sounded empty. It was just shaking either and nowhere. The movie had no flavors and it was centered on for sth., Which was unexplained. The movie is given at number 7 in the list for a complete disaster after all.
6.) Spider Man -III
spiderman III Top 10 Worst Movies Sequels of all Time
The movie which was supposed to recreate the same sensation that last two movies of the series did but such a huge expectation caused the movie to sink and it fell awfully. It was made in vain with a lot of effort and the most important is the investment of money more than $ 250 million and the movie is complete crap. Thanks for coming was the slogan for the movie.
5.) Jurassic Park – III
jurassic park III Top 10 Worst Movies Sequels of all Time
It is another movie supposed to be mega hit but the expectations shattered after the release. The viewers disliked the movie greatly. It proved to the industry that no matter what you put in to the movie but the third installments of the movie will always collapse flat at the box office. The movie may be liked by Kids, but the movie is not at all a praising one.
TMNT III Top 10 Worst Movies Sequels of all Time
The demonic curse with the third installments and the sequels of the movies continued with TMNT and the movie dint do well. The magic of turtles could not allure viewers to the theatres. It was filmed badly since its beginning. The plot was completely distracted and the voice of Splinter could recreate the same magic that last two of its movies did. As usual, liked by kids but was critically criticized and a super flop.
3.) The Matrix Revolutions 
matrix revolution III3 Top 10 Worst Movies Sequels of all Time
I really swear that I don’t hate the third part of the movies but it is their fate that they are always disliked. The same goes with the third installment of the megahit and revolutionizing movie ” The Matrix”. It was also from the mind from the genius which gave the first two parts but the third part could not stand  for few days even. The third part left the audience shattered and in shock that how can they be so insane to produce such a flop and non-story movie.
2.) Dumb and Dumberer : When Harry Met Llyod
dumb n dumberer II1 Top 10 Worst Movies Sequels of all Time
The first movie gave Jim Carry the fame that he was always to be honored and the same thought was of the director of the movie and with the same, the movie was produced but the audience hated the movie so much that it never came with the third installment and the movie ended with the second part only. The sequel could recreate the magic and essence of the last movie. The audience wanted sth. Comedy and it made them cry in unhappiness.
1.) Every Disney Sequel
disney movies sequels pic2 300x224 Top 10 Worst Movies Sequels of all Time
The saying is true for any of the Disney movie having its sequel. Any movie which is considered to be opened the great left the movie in shattered state with the very next part of the movie. Consider Aladdin, lion King, Cinderella, or anyone, the movie sequels were made unnecessarily and in vain.
This was the list of the movies which were in my view meant not to be made or produced. However the movies were made and produced also and the fate was as usual awaited for them to be disliked. I hope none can dare to watch these sequels.