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10 Facts about Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe is a English actor well known all over the world for playing the title role in the world second highest grossing film series Harry Potter. At the age of 10 he made his television debut from the television movie David Copperfield. He gained name and fame   from his famous role of  Harry Potter but he was granted his first movie in the form of  The Tailor of Panama. Daniel is a kind of person who believes in charities and hence have been a  major  donor to a  lot of major charities. We all try to learn about out favourite celebrities so here is to help you with top ten facts about your favourite Harry Potter.
10.)The Theatre Star
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Along with the movies Daniel is also a prominent star of theater. His debut  play was The Play What I Wrote where he played a guest role whereas his first major theater role came in the form of Alan Strang for the Equus in 2007. He is now going to star a 12 week production of  The Cripple of Inishmaan in 2013. The critics admit that he performs with the same brilliance in theater as of movies.
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Daniel Radcliffe doesn’t like to remember his school as he was generally bullied by his fellow classmates. They thought of him being uncool. He once said that his classmates were trying to crack him as a kid playing Harry Potter, they were not jealous. After some time he started to continue his education with on-set tutors. After his school education he decided to drop out the plan of university or college as he was choosing acting as his career.
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Daniel Radcliffe is a very punctual guy. He is always present at the sets of shooting. He is so much of a workaholic that the first time he missed his work was only for a period of two days. That period too came after a seven year long career and only because he was suffering from the gastric flu. Well after all he is sure that he wants to be a professional actor and hence is giving his full devotion to the career.
7.)The real Harry .021512 Top 10 Facts about Daniel Radcliffe
Daniel’s hobbies is to read, write, learn music, playing on PlayStation and studying bass guitar but overall his favourite hobby is to learn music. We all know about his wizard character Harry Potter but he also loves magic in his real life. He also took up magic lessons from the famous British magician and illusionist Paul Kieve. Also, he believes in ghosts.
6.)Daniel the Author
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Daniel Radcliffe is also an author and he writes poetry and short stories. He doesn’t write with his original name, he writes under the pen name of Jacob Gershon. He want to see the reaction on his poems based on the criteria of their quality instead of his name. Some of his poems even have published under his pen name. When he is asked that why doesn’t he show any kind of interest in writing novels he simply replies of not having stamina as it is a long process.
5.) £28.5 Million worth
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Daniel Radcliffe have a worth of £28.5 million as of in 2010. He is the highest earning actor under the age of thirty. He surpassed actors like Robin Pattinson and Keira Knightely. He is currently one of the richest actors below 30. He have even surpassed the worth of the English princes Harry and William. Well he says that he have a simple taste and his only main expense is bying books. He also added that money will never be his goal of life.
4.)Tongue tied Daniel
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Daniel usually admits that he often get tongue tied in front of girls. He accepts it as his biggest challenge. He says no matter however hard he tries but he he has never been able to find his tongue while communicating with the other gender. Well people who are not in film industry often find it hard to believe that a mega star like Daniel Radcliffe can have any trouble in getting along with girls. Well a shy person like this has gone completely nude in front of live audience in Equus. What a contradictory nature?
3.)Crushes and affairs
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Well now we know that Daniel is inferior to the opposite sex but even then he was in few relationships. Right now he is in relationship with Rosie Coker, a production assistant. A year ago he was dating with Olivia Uniacke. Before that he was with Laura O’Toole, an Irish actress. He have also told in a interview that he had a crush on his Harry Potter star Emma Watson when he  met her for the first time but now they are like brother and sister. Well Daniel usually speaks of him being a long term relationship person and being a romantic one.
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Radcliff suffers from a disorder known as dyspraxia. It is a disease which affects the hand eye coordination of the person hence his hand-eye coordination is slightly affected. He faces problems with his shoelaces and handwriting. He is suffering only from a very mild disorder and hence is not prone to face much problems.. He once told that his mother allowed him to do auditions only to boost his confidence.
1.)Missing audition
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Daniel parents hadn’t let him audition for the role of Harry potter as they wanted a normal childhood for his parents. Moreover  the contract demanded shooting of seven films in California so they didn’t told him about the audition and they turned down the request of Christopher Columbus, the director. Later on the producer Steven Kloves found Daniel and his parents at a play and convinced them. After auditions he was offered two-movie contract with shooting in UK.