Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Secret Places to go Treasure Hunting in the World

A perfect vacation includes fun, leisure and an adventure to keep the memories intact. So if a trip is up on your schedule this is what will make it worth.We bring you the top ten treasure hunting spotsin this article. Treasure hunting means physical searching of treasures. The best things about treasures are that we don’t know what they have in store for us. Nowadays many famous treasure hunters have started hunting underwater since the necessary  valuables which were not accessible before are now available. So be the Indiana Jones and don’t forget to miss on these exotic places.
So here comes the top 10 places in to go treasure hunting in world:
10. The lost Dutchman mine, Arizona:
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Lost Dutchman Gold Mine is truly a legend of rich gold mine that is hidden in the Superstition Mountains, located near Apache Junction, in east of Phoenix, Arizona (United States). Thoughts are also rumored that the mine far beyond the Superstition Mountains into the Mexico. No one is truly aware about the location of mine, as the Dutchman kept it total secret. Several legends are there finding it though, and each year people go for its search. Some even died in the voyage meant for searching the mine.

9. Tillya Tepe, Afghanistan:
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Tillya tepe(or Golden Hill) is known to be an archaeological site located near Sheberghan in northern Afghanistan. It was surveyed in 1979 in a mission of Soviet-Afghan of archaeologists which was led by Victor Sarianidi. The place is the collection of more than 20,000 gold ornaments and other artifacts that were found in six graves (one man and 5 women). On the whole several pieces of jewelry have been recovered, made of gold, lapis-lazuli or turquoise. Ornaments included necklaces fixed with belts, gems, crowns, medallion etc. But still some are hidden within the radius and haven’t been found yet.

8. SS, Central America:
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SS Central America is also called as the Ship of Gold. It was an 85 m (280 foot) side-wheel steamer which operated in between Central America and eastern coast of United States during 1850s. In the beginning it was named as SS George Law. It was named after Mr. George Law in New York. On September 1857 the ship got downwards in a hurricane, along with 550 crew members and passengers and 30,000 pounds of gold. For the 131 years, world’s rarest, richest and historic treasure is buried deep under the Atlantic. The approximate cost of the gold is estimated to be of $100–150 million.

7. Nazi Loot, America:
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Nazis planned to fill whole American and Britain cities with forged currency notes and real gold. They planned it because they wanted to invoke the people from Britain to start a war, but eventually the plan got cancelled and the Nazis threw the treasure in the lake toplitz. Nazis collected this art and gold from the invasion of European countries. There have been many efforts made to search the gold and art which was thrown inside the lake toplitz but all were in vein. Though a little amount of the treasure has been found in the sea all of it cannot be recovered as oxygen is not present deep down the sea. This makes it difficult to go down beyond certain point and hence till now the whole reassure has not been recovered.
6. Pereshchepina Treasure, Ukraine:
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The Pereshchepina Treasure is one of the major deposits of Sassanian ,Bulgarian, Sogdian, Avarian and Turkic objects which are from the period of the Volkerwanderung. The deposit is supposed to be discovered in the year 1912 in a village of Mala Pereshchepina (Ukraine) by a young shepherd who accidently stumbled on a golden vessel and then fell in a grave which is believed to be the grave of Kuvrat, who was the founder of the First Bulgarian Empire. The total gold from the deposit is more than 21 kilograms and silver is about 50 kilograms. Till now the most interesting finds has been a necklace of Byzantine gold coins. Several attempts to recover the complete treasure have always resulted in a failure.
5. The Amber Room, Russia:
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Amber Room is located in Catherine’s Palace, near St. Petersburg. It is a chamber decorated with amber panels backed with mirrors and gold leaf. It was first created in 18th century. But disappeared during second World War and then it was recreated in 2003. A currently possible value of this room is more than $142 million i.e. approximately more than USD 1.5 trillion. The amber room is also the subject of world’s intriguing mysterious history. It was originally commissioned in the year 1701 by Frederick of Prussia. The German troops invaded the Soviet Union and looted everything in 1941 seizing the Amber Room. When Allies began bombarding Germany in August 1944, this Room was hidden. Despite the best efforts from all over the world’s  treasure hunters or art collectors, it has never been seen again.
4.Montezuma’s Treasure, Mexico:
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Montezuma’s treasure, a legendary treasure said to be buried in Casa Grande ruins or somewhere in the southwest Mexico and United States. There are many stories behind this treasure. In one John Mitchell in 1847 said, during the American Mexican war, Don Joaquin a Mexican aristocrat, imprisoned the local Apaches (it’s a term for culturally related group) for digging gold in Sierra Estrellas(mountain range located in Arizona). But unfortunately United States Army stepped in the mountains, where the Apache went against the Mexicans. That is why the Mexicans hid the gold in a canyon located near Montezuma’s head. Almost all the Mexicans were killed in the fight and only one survived man in 1880 went back in search with a map for finding the gold. Apache still control the area and the Mexican’s never found the treasure.
3. The Oak Island Money Pit, Canada:
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Many hunters have searched for treasure in the island situated in Nova Scotia in Canada. They all tried to search for the treasure which was buried in the Money Pit. According to the stories the treasure was guarded by clever traps. Many man made architects have been found buried deep inside the pit but till the day there is no sign of any hidden treasure in the pit. Daniel McGinnis was the first person who thought that some treasure is buried on the island. As, he was strolling on the island he saw a big hole in the sand and just above the hole a block was suspended from a tree. He found it weird, and concluded that there can be treasure buried inside the island. This finding leads many treasure hunters seek for treasure on the island but they are still searching for the mysterious treasure.
2. Ramses’s missing treasure, Egypt:
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One of the famous pharaohs in history was Ramses III. Ramses III was a renowned collector of wealth. He had a huge collection of silver and gold. One day a question hovered in his mind that how to keep it safe. He then called for two world famous architects namely Agamedes and Trophonious. These two sealed the treasure in a cave that was always opened in the presence of Ramses himself. The huge stone building which had the treasure was built next to Ramses’s palace. All that was done to make sure that he could keep an eye on his treasure. The room had no windows and pharaoh’s personal seal was used to seal the door.
1. Cocos island treasure, Central America:
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Cocos island, an unoccupied island located at off shore of Costa Rica. Island is located in Pacific Ocean. The co-ordinate location of Cocos island is W: 88.02.10 and N: 05.32.57. The island is often considered as the National Park of the Costa Rica. Treasure of Lima was allegedly buried in coco island. Stories suggest that the great Lima treasure consists of total of eleven boatlands. The treasure was buried by a pirate named as Thompson, who was earlier the captain of that crew only. They buried the treasure in a cave in 1821-1822. The cave had a natural door which was considered as the part of a cliff that revolves. It is also considered as some sort of door which was jammed with rocks. Till date more than 380 voyages has been set to find the treasure, but none had proved to be success. The most distinguished treasure hunter was August Gissler, who lived there from 1889 to 1908.