Tuesday, 9 October 2012

10 Things we Must Learn from Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was the CEO of Apple inc. His sister concerns include Pixar and Next. He is an icon in the software market. Even after death, he has left deep imprints on the hearts and minds of people. Following are the top 10 points which one can learn from the great Steve Jobs.
10. Believe in yourself
belive in you Top 10 Things we can Learn from Steve Jobs
It is very important for a person to have faith in himself. Steve Jobs was such a man. He had extreme confidence in himself. He believed in himself. He was never afraid of failure. Instead it kept him going. He was never obstructed by self doubts, of not matching up with people’s expectation or of failure. He knew what he was doing was right and he went right on the glorified path of success. He could see beyond the obstruction, he had guts to do things people would not even think of. His work occupied a major portion of his personal life too. He was in love with his job, enjoying whatever he did.
9. Know your field inside out
know eople well Top 10 Things we can Learn from Steve Jobs
Steve jobs was a good judge of character. He knew people’s potential and talent. He greatly utilized their ability to achieve the specified goals. He brought together people from different fields under the same roofs so that they could know each other well, taking a step further in the path of success. He knew what was the current need and demand of the market and delivered exactly what was required. This was a striking quality of the Jobs which took his companies to greater heights which some people could only dream of.
8. Don’t do different things, do things differently
things differently Top 10 Things we can Learn from Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs dropped out of college just after 6 months of admission. He then hung around attending whichever class he liked, for almost a year and a half. Be he knew he would do something, something which is exceptionally extraordinary.  He always supported the idea that education is not something which is imparted at school, it is something which you learn out of your own experiences. He never came up with a different idea, but he thought on each idea differently. He was always dragged by his curiosity and his intentions. He made mistakes, he failed too but he never gave up trying. This was one of the most catchy feature of Jobs. He brought the idea of the MacBook for computers, iPods for mp3 players, earphones for cell phones and iPad instead of tablets.
7. Have a vision
viisonary Top 10 Things we can Learn from Steve Jobs
Steve Job was a visionary and success was always the side product of his visions and notions. He was clear about his goals and wants and focused all his potential and talent to achieve it. He knew that having a vision is not merely enough to stand in software technology, efforts must be made to bring them into action, bringing them into reality. He never gave a “yes” to shortcuts, he waited to achieve the success with the right mixture of attempts and failures. Also the success accredited to him is not because of his single handed efforts but he was always the motivator of his team, inspiring and encouraging them from time to time.
6. Age – no bar
age no bar Top 10 Things we can Learn from Steve Jobs
Steve was never hindered by the age factor. He was as quick, eager and curious about technology in his 50s as he was in his 20s. Most of the cool products, heartthrob of the younger generation were the results of Steve’s ideology at the age of 40s and 50s. He set a benchmark for those who think age is an important factor in the software market. Even in his earl retirement phase, Steve used to sit and discuss with the team of developers and designers of what the product should and could be.
5. Never be contented
patient Top 10 Things we can Learn from Steve Jobs
Most of us settle with “not so good life” because we are tired of losing , tired of waiting or we don’t want to give a second try, being afraid to fail. Contentment is an obstruction in the path of success. Steve Jobs was never satisfied in life. He always strived for something more which ultimately gave him success. He was never afraid to fail, either. He lost many matches in his life but he always came up with more energy and vigor to achieve his dreams. He succeeded in many of his ventures but he never was  fulfilled. He loved his work and this love guided him throughout his life to achieve great stature in society.
4. Have a style and adhere it
stlyeicon Top 10 Things we can Learn from Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs has been always a man of style- at work as well as in his life. He could not settle for things which didn’t match his criteria, his expectation. The style pattern could be well seen in graphics and fonts of Apple products. Designs and the blueprints were always a matter of great concern for Jobs, especially those which were great. The most important things behind the huge financial status of Apple and other Steve’s Company is rightly owed to Style. It is because of Steve’s craving of style, the “Ifamily” is now a synonym for fashion and style.
3. Make mistakes but don’t quit
not quitter1 Top 10 Things we can Learn from Steve Jobs
“Winners never quit and quitters never win” and Steve Jobs were definitely a winner, in all terms not because he never failed but because he never gave up trying.. Many of Steve’s venture products like Lisa, Mac cube was great failures. But he never entertained the idea of quitting. Each of his ideas had a back up plan ready to execute in case if the plan A fails. Every time he committed he came out with a new version of himself, more confident and more energetic and that is what made people love him and idolize him. He never hid his mistakes with an excuse but corrected it with the right decision, a right step, a right remedy!
2. Be patient
never contented1 Top 10 Things we can Learn from Steve Jobs
Patience was a jewel deep embedded in Jobs character. He never rushed into decisions. In hard times when apple was on the verge of bankruptcy Steve like many others would do took a daring step of reducing manpower by eliminating both software and hardware engineers, cutting down the production, cutting down the retailers. But the biggest of all decisions was to “WAIT”.  He waited for the right time to make deep roots in the technology market. This obviously took courage in the business field like software technology but in all these years of waiting he was focused on bringing something the world wasn’t acquitted of.
1. Be a man of your words
man of words Top 10 Things we can Learn from Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs stood upon his words. All the products where Steve ventured never flaunted of their features. Though the apple products were always blamed for creating buzz in the market, but the products did exactly what they claimed of, no less no more. Their advertisements were neither false nor hiked. They never created the illusion in the viewers of what they were not. Steve never created “mirage “in the market. Delivering his promises and being loyal was one of the most scintillating aspect of Steve. He never delivered what people wanted, but what people needed. Apple’s product was easy to use, handy not only to the creators but also for the common folks for whom the product was created.