Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Nice Tattoos

There are certain things in life that we once do and after that regret about it. But this goes with the flow of life. Drinking too much, flirting with someone who is not your girlfriend, recording yourself while doing some nerd things, spinning donuts on your new truck and with this the list goes on and on. But the most important things about all this is that they are not permanent. These things can be changed. The most stupid thing a guy can do in his life is getting a permanent tattoo that cannot be a good option in a long run. May be he is having his girlfriend’s name tattoo as a permanent one and due to certain circumstances they broke up. Now this will be a problem. So such stupid things should be avoided.
Here is the list of 10 tattoos that guys should never have:
 10. Insignia of a super hero
Getting a symbol of a super hero as a tattoo on your body is not considered as a good option. The emblem that is putted on their chests depicts the immensity of the super heroes but when it is tattooed on the body of a person then it represents a nerd nature of a person. An emblem or symbol or a crest of your family works as a best alternative in this case. It actually represents something real to stand on and a family’s emblem is always unique to everyone. The best part of having a family insignia on a body is that you always feel proud discussing about it.
9. A mythical animal
irish mythical creature tattoo design 21363988 Top 10 Tattoos you Should Never Get
Getting a tattoo of a legendary animal is also not a good option for guys. Getting such animal’s tattoo is bit peculiar to have. It can be any animal like giant, elf, sprite or hydra. These animals are as strange as the tradition they were generated. A tattoo of a real animal will work much better. It would be a better option to have instead of a legendary animal. There are ample of real animals available whose tattoos can be made. And if you still want to have a legendary animal’s tattoo then Chinese dragon will be the best option to have.
8. An anchor
Best Anchor Tattoo on Leg for Teenager Girls Top 10 Tattoos you Should Never Get
The anchor is another tattoo which should be avoided to be tattooed. Anchor is the symbol for sailor as this symbol signifies their job. And if someone is not doing the sailor job the he should not get this anchor tattooed. Rather than tattooing the symbol that signifies the job of sailor prefer a tattoo which depicts your profession.
 7. Picture of your idol:
picture of idol Top 10 Tattoos you Should Never Get
There are thousands of heroes in every era. Different people have their different role models. People try to immortalize their heroes with a tattoo of their picture on their body. But the fact is that their strong real life face can be transformed into a picture of cartoon when it is put in your arms. It is now a failed picture of your real time heroes after becoming a tattoo on your body. So it is to be advised to avoid getting a tattoo of an iconic figure on your body. Instead of this as an alternative you can have a correlating lifeless symbol as a tattoo on your body.
6. A pop-culture reference
pop as a tattoo Top 10 Tattoos you Should Never Get
Getting a tattoo of certain pop culture references is not at all a good option. Some jokes or songs are famous in particular time spam but as the time passes the popularity fades and the song is not so famous. So just for the particular time period to make your buddies laugh and to become impressive getting a permanent tattoo is not a good choice and remember once you get such a tattoo you are committed to it for whole life. And as the song or the jokes fades you have to bear it as an unwanted thing. Instead of getting such a tattoos you can have quotes tattooed on your body. Quotes can be inspirational or intellectual or anything. The best thing is that they don’t fades away with time. So it is the best alternative to have.
 5. Portrait of a cartoon:
cartoon tattoos 6 Top 10 Tattoos you Should Never Get
Most of the people grow up watching cartoons. Not only during childhood but as an adult or at every age people do watch cartoons and still they are fan of it. But as a result or for the tribute of their cartoon characters some people use to have a tattoo of a cartoon character on their body which not at all sounds good. They are just cartoons and you are now grown enough to fight in the wars. Getting an original tattoo is a better option. Draw something and get a tattoo. If you are unable to draw then take somebody’s help and get it draw and then get a tattoo. An original tattoo depicts its own story.
4.  Barbed wire
barbed wire Top 10 Tattoos you Should Never Get
Barbed wire is the wire which people use in fencing. This is also the thing which should not be tattooed. Rather than getting this barbed wire as a tattoo one can get a text of literal meaning which can be wrapped around the arm.
3. A Chinese symbol
chinese flag symbol tattoo Top 10 Tattoos you Should Never Get
Mostly many people around here have a Chinese symbol tattoo on their body. Even many of the times they don’t even know their meaning or what they signify. If you will ask them what does it means they will say this signifies peace, strength, compassion, or any other sort of spiritual thing. Most of the guys don’t know the meaning of the tattoo they are having and if you ask them what it is they will just have to say “kick me”. A better alternative for this Chinese symbol thing is to have a tattoo that represents our cultural heritage. As we are not from china so putting a Chinese symbol also doesn’t sounds cool. Every culture has its own symbols and their meanings so it is better to have a tattoo of a symbol of our nation and culture.
2. Name of any close one
name as tattoo Top 10 Tattoos you Should Never Get
This is not the only way left to show your love to your partner. You may be very romantic but this is not the option to show your romance to your partner. You can gift her anything like flowers, chocolates, tops, poems, baseball’s hat, teddy bear, stencil her name on teddy bear etc but giving a gift like her name tattooed on your body is not at all a good option to show your love. Your love may be true but making her remind your love again and again by putting her mane on you body is not to be done. Also if you are so fully dedicated and  you want to live your whole life with her then also you should not a get a tattoo of her name. Getting a tattoo of your son’s or daughter’s name on your body is much better option as it will prove them your love and care even after they leave you and move away.