Monday, 8 October 2012

Things you Must Experience Before you Die

n today’s busy life where everyone is running into a flock of sheep you need to be different from them. Life is too short to sit around the net all day reading other people’s experiences in life and appreciating them. Come out of this cyber world and look around you. You may also have some fabulous, exciting, fun thing to do rather than the continuous long hours on the net. So just experience all the amazing things in this world before you get too old.  Here are top ten things one must experience before his death.
10. Taste cocktails
coctails Top 10 Things you Must Experience Before you Die
Cocktails! One of the most common things to boast about among today’s youth. Since life is given to us once so there is nothing in living a life like a priest. One must try everything once in his lifetime. There are a thousand of different alcohols and liquors for tasting. Just go to any liquor shop, order and try as many variations as possible. You may no longer feel embarrassed and humiliated among your friend circle for not tasting alcohol even once.
9. See an eclipse
eclipse Top 10 Things you Must Experience Before you Die
It is an inspiring experience which one should have before death. There are different types of eclipse but the most inspiring is solar eclipse when the moon perfectly comes in front of the sun, causing the earth to be in a state of darkness for some period of time. This eclipse on the average takes place once in every two years. So witnessing such a rare event makes you the lucky one. Catch all the glimpses of the event with a camera so that you may show it to everyone later and keep it as a memory forever. Not everyone gets the golden opportunity to see a solar eclipse.
8. A day with any celebrity
celebrity Top 10 Things you Must Experience Before you Die
Glamour is a grape which every fox wants to have. Who doesn’t like his dream to be coming true? Meeting a celebrity has now become very ordinary but what about spending a whole day with them? This is one thing which should be definitely on your list to do before you die. You will surely be in a state of Euphoria and even you can be boastful about it among your friends. Meeting your favourite idols and spending time with them is something everyone desires for.
7. Take your parents to pilgrimage center
pilgrimage centers Top 10 Things you Must Experience Before you Die
As roots are in the tree, parents are to the children. Every parent wants their child to be like Shravan Kumar who took his blind parents on a pilgrimage trip on his shoulders. You need not to exactly accomplish this but you can at least plan a trip for your parents and accompany them. You will have no idea about their extent of Elysium. This thing should definitely be there on your list before death.
6. See a live volcano
volcano1 Top 10 Things you Must Experience Before you Die
Most of us know what is a volcano, how it erupts, how the lava comes out of it. But if anyone gets a chance to visit a volcano site and watch a live volcano eruption and emission of lava from it, then no one would like to miss it. Of course luck is an important factor which must be in your favour. Hawaii’s Big Island is one such place on Earth where you can get close to a live volcano and see the molten lava emitting out from it.
5. Space expedition
space expedition1 Top 10 Things you Must Experience Before you Die
All of us have heard many stories in our childhood about the moon, the fairies and the stars. So we start dreaming of visiting a moon or in space since our childhood. Fulfilling this dream is one thing you must do once in your life before death. After such an experience you can go and pretend to be a Magnum anywhere. Traveling in space is not a big deal. Either you could spend your whole getting A-grade marks, clearing aptitude tests and applying in NASA or an alternate option would be to throw a couple of notes to billionaires who own private space flights and organize space trips.
4. Live a luxurious life
luxurious life1 Top 10 Things you Must Experience Before you Die
Living a luxurious life for at least a day is something which you would love to do once in your lifetime. Going to the most luxurious hotel and spending a night will make you feel like a king. “Live life king size” is a famous one liner which everyone dreams of it and want to accomplish in his life. So you must experience such an extravagant lifestyle and make your dream come true. Though it is expensive but start saving money for it and book the poshest motel and enjoy all the gracious comforts like food, massage, spa, pool and many more. Spending lavishly without thinking and looking at the price tag is one thing everyone aspires for. So start planning and saving money and experience the delicacy for a day and you will be no less than a king of your own world.
3. Experience all the adventurous activities
adventurous thing1 Top 10 Things you Must Experience Before you Die
In today’s fast paced life, if a person gets a chance to experience something adventurous then who will deny it? Planning a trip with friends and getting a glimpse of all the enthralling and audacious things in the world is something a person must do once in his life. Trekking in the Mount Everest, river rafting on the Zambezi River, Paragliding, water sports, scuba diving with sharks are some of the experiences which a person will remember throughout his life. After taking a risk in his life he will feel relaxed and calm and will always be ecstatic to share his feelings with others.

2. Go on a world tour
world tour1 Top 10 Things you Must Experience Before you Die
The second most important thing a person must experience is to plan a world tour. It is a very exciting experience for a person in his life. Although going on a world tour is quite expensive but if the question arises at once in a lifetime, then it is worth it. It is such a wonderful experience that the person will love to reflect on whatever he has seen. Getting a chance to visit all the Seven Wonders of the World, beautiful hillside views, beaches like Miami, Malaysia and other exhilarating experiences makes the person feel elated and enthusiastic.
1. Do any great deed
great deed1 Top 10 Things you Must Experience Before you Die
This is the most important thing one must do before death. Great deeds are always appreciated and remembered life time even after the death. People behind great deeds never die but remain immortal. A person must do something great in his life so that he is remembered for it later. Whether it is any invention in any field, any social work, or any other success, he must leave imprints on the heart and minds of the people. His memories must always remain in the air even after his death. He must do at least one such deed for which he becomes boastful and also makes his family members feels the same.