Saturday, 6 October 2012

Top Ten Tallest Women in the World

We all understand the phrase “Tallest Women”, but only a few of us know that who are in fact the tallest women in the world? Scientifically, speaking there is no such thing as a tall gene. Growth is one of the most complex mechanisms that function inside the human body. There are dozens and dozens of genes work together in order to contribute to the overall development of the individuals. The function of these genes in helping an individual grow is indeed very complex and requires a well calculated biological approach towards its understanding. That was some of the scientific thingy stuff which I shared with you, after which I would like to share with a list of the top 10 tallest women in the world.
10. Heather Greene-6 feet 5 inches
Currently residing in Las Vegas, at number 10 we have Heather Greene.
9. Rita Miniva Besa-6 feet 8 inches
8. Caroline Welz-6 feet 9 inches
She is the tallest girl in Germany.
7. Malee Duangdee-6 feet 10 inches
6. Gitika Srivastava-6 feet 11 inches
She used to be a basketball player for India.
5. Uljana Semjonova-7 feet
4. Zainab Bibi-7 feet 2 inches
She lives in England right now, but her birth place is Pakistan.
3. Malgorzata Dydek-7 feet 2 inches
2. Sandy Allen-7 feet 7 inches         
She was the tallest woman in the world till 2008 when she died.
1.    Yao Defen 7 feet 8 inches
Presently, she is the tallest woman in the world. Most of the doctors assert that the reason for her irregular growth is an abnormality in her pituitary gland.