Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Most Popular Mocktail Flavors

Mocktails is just the ideal thing for the party where people are not use to of drinking alcohols. As most of the mocktails have different fruits as major ingredients so they can be considered as a healthy and refreshing drink. They are differently flavoured and catchy coloured drinks Mocktails are quiet easy to prepare and are said to be the perfect party drinks. We need to have mocktails for any social party where people do not take alcohol. It is a general trend to keep mocktails in as a part of non-alcoholic beverages So here is the list of top 10 most popular flavours of mocktails
10. Virgin Daiquiri:
 daiquiri Top 10 Best & Most Popular Mocktail Flavors
Virgin Daiquiri is just the ideal drink for summers made from strawberries, lime, sugar and ice. The drink is a non-alcoholic drink but is also enjoyed by the people who drink alcohol. To make this drink the ingredients are blended and are served chilled with cracked ice. Many times pineapple is also used as a ingredient

9. Virgin Mint Lemonade:
lemonade Top 10 Best & Most Popular Mocktail Flavors
This is also a summer drink which can be prepared easily in some minutes. The drink is composed of the ingredients like sugar, lime juice, mint leaves and water. The syrup is first made from sugar and water. The drink is served chilled by keeping it in refrigerator for hours. This is a non alcoholic drink but this can be made alcoholic by mixing a particular amount of vodka with it.
8. Atomic Cat:
atomic cat Top 10 Best & Most Popular Mocktail Flavors
This is a very famous home based drink which can be easily prepared as it does not require any uncommon ingredient. The drink require tonic water and fresh orange juice rather than the canned one. The drink is highly presentable when served in trendy glasses filled   with crushed ice.
7. Bellini:
bellini Top 10 Best & Most Popular Mocktail Flavors
Bellini is a seasonal drink which can be preferred in any season and is served chilled in  summers specially . The drink is quiet trendy  drink is said to be the non-alcoholic alternative for the very popular Venetian cocktail. It is made up of apple cider mixed  a small amount of nectar or peach pulp.
6. Pomegranate spritzer:
pomegranate Top 10 Best & Most Popular Mocktail Flavors
The pomegranate spritzer is found to be made in many flavours and is counted among the list of sophisticated drinks. The drink is made up with different ingredient with provide an excellent tinch of flavour to it. To make this drink you need around two saucers of ginger ale with pomegranate juice and a seltzer. Here the wine glass is first filled with crushed ice to the top and the mixture of seltzer with pomegranate juice is poured into the glass. Few drops of lemon is also added to give flavour to it.
5. Virgin Sangria:
sangaria Top 10 Best & Most Popular Mocktail Flavors
This is a summer special drink with the course ingredients containing grape juice, apple, banana, mandarins, and also cinnamon. It is said to be highly rejuvenating and refreshing drink .Pitcher like a ice can or a refrigerator is used to store the drink after it is being prepared. The drink is non-alcohol but can be made alcoholic by mixing it with some amount of wine. Ingredients are mixed in different quantities so as to give it an irresistible taste.
4. Virgin Mary:
mary Top 10 Best & Most Popular Mocktail Flavors
The Virgin Mary is known to be a healthy drink and is extremely popular throughout .Also it is said to be the alternative to Bloody Mary drink with only one difference that says Virgin Mary is lighter. The drink looks highly remarkable when served in a glass of wine .It is a non alcoholic and non-intoxicating  drink usually preferred for hangover –free experience and is  made by mixing Worcester sauce with the mixture of lemon juice, tomato juice and a few drops of Tabasco as ingredients. Other then this celery stalk and pickle garnish are some ingredients which are used to garnish the drink served in wine glass.
3. Non Alcoholic Fizz:
fizz Top 10 Best & Most Popular Mocktail Flavors
The Non Alcoholic Fizz is highly known among the women and is said to be the alternative to Madras cocktail. The drink looks very presentable as it makes use of the slices of kiwi, pineapple, and orange to garnish it. The drink  is composed of each of  the ounces of orange juice, club soda and cranberry juice. Firstly we need to  shake the mix of orange juice and  cranberry with crushed ice and then club soda is to be added
2. Mojito:
mojito Top 10 Best & Most Popular Mocktail Flavors
The Mojito is a cool and highly energizing drink. It is known by this name throughout the world. It is anon alcoholic drink consisting of crushed ice, mint leaves, sugar syrup and lime juice and can be prepared easily. The drink is classified to be healthy because of the presence of lime and mint. It is preferred in hot summer spring days. It is also added with oz club soda and Angostura bitters. It has the taste of white rum and can be prepared by simply mixing all the ingredients and finally garnishing with mint leaves
1. Classic Shirley Temple:
shirly Top 10 Best & Most Popular Mocktail Flavors
The Classic Shirley Temple is something made from grenadine, lime, pieces of orange or cherry and also orange juice which is enjoyed both by kids and adults. The cocktail stick and lemon slice adds to its presentable look. The drink is served with crushed ice and has ingredients lemon-lime soda and Grenadine syrup. You only have to mix all ingredients and garnish it. The drink is sweet to taste and is non-alcoholic.