Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Healthiest Drinks in the World

Drinks is known to be one among the famous starters or beverages they are easy to prepare and serve whenever required. We have many drinks in the market which are added with preservative and artificial ingredients and so they are not healthy. We can have drinks which are healthy too which can be served easily and are healthy too. Here is the list of top10 healthiest drinks of the world
10. Black Coffee
b1 Top 10 Best Healthiest Drinks in the World
Coffee is  always thought to have negative on people’s health that is  why coffee is said to be bad for us. But you may be surprised to know that there in not a definite thing which can prove that coffee is not good for us or our teeth. According to scientific research, coffee has been counted as the ingredients which add up in cardiovascular diseases and also it can sometimes lead to impulsive abortion. it may also increase the fedel growth.  This can be addictive in the case of over-consumption so one should take it in limit. Whereas Japanese study says that coffee helps in reducing the risk of cancer. The coffee has an antioxidant which is the main reason for reducing this risk of cancer and also the ill effects of aging. Maganesuim is also a compound in coffee which catalyses the reaction of enzymes is coffee. Apart from this it is also helpful in reducing depression and restricts the development of Parkinson disease.
 9. Chocolate Milk
Since this drink contains milk as its major source so it is obviously a healthy drink with the large amount of calcium to make our bones more strong and sugar which maintains the level of glycogen for muscles. Also it has proteins which help reinstating the muscles tissues.  Cancer and other diseases like heart attacks can be avoided by the presence of antioxidants in the drink. This can also be a boosting drink for athletes. The only drawback which the drink has is its low content of vitamins.
8. Fruit Smoothies
f1 Top 10 Best Healthiest Drinks in the World
Fruits have always been a major source for nutrients like vitamins and minerals. Fruit smoothies are the best and also the easiest way for the consumption for fruits. It is not just healthy but also tasty. The best thing about fruits is that they are always used freshly; no   addictives or preservatives are added in them which make them healthier. These drinks help in improving the digestion and absorption by taking care of the enzymes movement. Also consumption of these drinks provides high level of energy. Apart from having so many nutrients it has a low content of fat which further decreases the weight gain problem. Because of the low sugar, diabetic patient can take them easily.
Number 7: Cow Milk
co1 Top 10 Best Healthiest Drinks in the World
Cow milk is the best source for calcium to strengthen the bones of our body. Calcium also prevents diseases such as breast cancer. Vitamins like B12 and B2 helps in recovering the body energy and also provides protection to cardiovascular cells. Red blood cells are produced by these vitamins only. It helps in recovering the lack of lactose in our body. Lack of these can create lameness or infertility problems.
6. Moose Milk
m Top 10 Best Healthiest Drinks in the World
This is one among the famous drinks of Russia and Sweden. This drink is said to be better than cow drink. By drinking this milk daily one can avoid gastroenterological disorders. In comparison to cow milk this milk has more content of proteins as well as fats which helps in recovering the health. Apart from this it also contains high amount of selenium, aluminium and also zinc when compared to other milks.
5. Carrot Juice
carrot4 Top 10 Best Healthiest Drinks in the World
Carrot is something which is counted as a great and healthiest vegetable. Beta-carotene is an antioxidant present in carrot which is responsible for improving our eye sight.  Falcarinol is a substance which is present in carrot and is also a great contributor for reducing the risk of cancer. In helps in boosting energy and also in making our immune system stronger. This juice is also very good for pregnant women as this is very helpful in maintaining the immune system. This is a good source for vitamin A also.
 4. Grape Juice
grape Top 10 Best Healthiest Drinks in the World
Red wine and grape juice has always been on the same place as they almost have the same benefits. The only difference which makes this grape juice more superior than wine is that wine contains alcohol which is not classified as healthy. Grapes are there in two varieties -purple and white. Both the grapes are quite healthier and can recover the deficiency of iron. They reduce the negative impacts of aging and also maintain the cells being damaged. It improves the brain coordination and memory.
 3. Black Tea
b Top 10 Best Healthiest Drinks in the World
Black tea is the healthiest tea all around the world. Black tea is also prepared by tea leaves it is just that the method of preparation for this tea differs from others. The tea is very useful in neutralising the effects of viruses present in our body. It disables many diseases like cystitis, pneumonia and also herpes by fighting with them.It is said that it is very helpful in preventing tooth decay. It can even increase the functioning of blood vessels of our body. The tea has a great content of caffeine which adds up its properties to this tea too
Herpes, pneumonia and cystitis.
 2. Green Tea
gree Top 10 Best Healthiest Drinks in the World
The process for preparing green tea is very different and a bit complex too in comparison to others. Unlike others it not only helps in reducing the risk of cancer but it also helps in locating and in killing the cancer cells them. This tea has more amounts of antioxidants then any other drink. The people who are dieting must drink this tea as this tea helps them in reducing fats and calories easily. It prevents blood clogging and strokes as well. It also has some amount of caffeine with its positive effects.
 1. Water
water3 Top 10 Best Healthiest Drinks in the World
This is the most vigorous drink on the earth. Life is solely dependent on water; life without water is not possible. Water is the basic necessity of humans, they need water to survive. This drink has uncountable benefits like blood circulation, nerve functioning. It helps in reducing obesity and also burns excessive fats out. This drink is also very beneficial for skin. It improves the skin tone there by proving a natural glow to the skin.