Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Famous Women Presidents in the World

A president is the head of the country and he/she has all the rights to take any important decision about the country’s affairs. A president plays an important role in the development of the country. Thus, a wise and intelligent president is necessary for a successful country. Yes the ratio of women presidents appointed is quite less as compared to men presidents. But still in some countries women presidents are re- elected by the people of the country as they also serve the country as equally as a men president will do. There are many famous and powerful women presidents across the world who did work for the betterment of their country in a very amazing way. Here is the list of the top 10 famous women presidents in the world:
10) Pratibha Patil
Pratibha Patil Top 10 Famous Women Presidents in the World
Her full name is Pratibha Devisingh Patil. She was born on 19 December 1934. She became the 12th President of the Republic India on 25th July 2007. She actually is the 1st women in India to hold this position. United progressive alliance nominated her name for presidency. She was the 24th Governor of Rajasthan. Again she was the first women to be that. She was a member of Rajya Sabha during 1985 and 1990. She is a member of Indian National Congress and was elected as a member of parliament in 1991elections. In July 2012 she got retired from the post of president and Mr. Pranab Mukherjee took her place as the 13thpresident of India.
9) Cristina Elisabet Fernandez de Kircher
Cristina.Fernández.de .Kirchner Top 10 Famous Women Presidents in the World
She is the first women to be re-elected and the 2nd women president ever to serve in Argentina. She was born on 19 February 1953. She is the up to date and the 55th President of Argentina. For people she is not only a good president but a fashion icon. She was repeatedly elected to the same post. She is a very active leader and she is a supporter of human rights and heath improvement also.
8) Doris Leuthard
doris Top 10 Famous Women Presidents in the World
For 2010 she was appointed as the President of the Confederation. Apart from being a politician she is a lawyer also. Born on 10TH April 1963, she was appointed as the head of the Federal Department of Environment, Energy, Communications and Transport from 1st November 2010. She became the 5th women of the Federal Council when she got 133 from 234 votes in the election that made her win the election. According to the Swiss order of dominance she is the highest ranking official and the longest serving councillor. During emergencies she is allowed to take any decision on behalf of the whole council.
7) Monique Ohsan-Bellepeau
 Mauritus Top 10 Famous Women Presidents in the World
She was born in 1942 and is a famous politician of Mauritius. Since 2010 she is the president of Mauritius. Before she became the president, she was a journalist and a news reporter on a national TV channel. On 12 November 2012, she was announced as the Vice President when she won the parliamentary elections leaving behind many other candidates. Before, she was simply a member of the Mauritian Labour Party. She became the first women President of her party. Her father Bartholomee Ohsan was the beginner of the party.
6) Slavica Dukic Dejanovic
slavica djukic Top 10 Famous Women Presidents in the World
On 5th of April 2012, she became the Acting President of Serbia by winning the presidential re-elections on May 2012. She was born on 4 July 1951 in Raca. Standing Action Conference appointed her as the chairman of the League. In 1996, for the very first time she was appointed as the vice-president of SPS. Currently, she is the current Minister of Heath in Serbia. She is the second women to enter the National Assembly of Serbia as a head. She was a member of the Socialist Party of Serbia for a long time since 12 September 1990.
5) Laura Chinchilla Miranda
chinchilla1 Top 10 Famous Women Presidents in the World
Laura Chinchilla Miranda was born on 28 March 1959 and on May 8, 2010 she became the first women President of Costa Rica. She won the 2010 general elections for president with 46.76% votes. She opposed any modifications of the constitution of the country meant for the separation of state and church in the country. ‘Morning After Pill’ is forbidden in Costa Rica, she was against the legalization of the Pill. In nature, she is a social conservative. She didn’t actually like the idea of gay marriage but she publicly announced that fundamental rights should be given to same sex couples. The president considers sustainability and Environmental protection very important.
4) Eveline  Widmer-Sclumpf
switzerland Top 10 Famous Women Presidents in the World
Mrs. Eveline Widmer-Sclumpf is the president of the Swiss Federal Council of Switzerland for the year 2012. The president was born on 16th march 1956. In 1981, she earned her law degree at the University of Zurich. She is a Swiss Lawyer. She worked as a lawyer from 1987 to 1998. After that she showed interest in politics and became a good politician. Her father Leon Schlumpf was a federal Councillor. She is the 6th woman who is elected to the Swiss Federal Council. She is appointed as the Swiss finance minister – the head of department of finance.
3) Dilma Vana Rousseff
brazil Top 10 Famous Women Presidents in the World
She is the current President of Brazil. Dilma was born on 14 December 1947 to a Bulgarian entrepreneur. During her youth she was a socialist and was raised in an upper middle class family environment. She joined a committee in 2002 and befriends a presidential candidate Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva who later won the election and appointed her as the Minister of Energy. She was the 1st economist to have the position. She was elected as the 36th president of Brazil on 31st October 2010.
2) Joyce Hilda Banda
malawa Top 10 Famous Women Presidents in the World
Joyce Hilda Banda is among the most powerful women in the world. She stands at the 71st position in the list. She was a politician who became the president of Malawi. She has maintained her presidency since 7 April 2012. The president was born on 12 April 2012. She is the fourth President of Malawi. She remained the vice president of Malawi from May 2009 to April 2012. She was an associate of Children’s Affairs and the founder of the NABW – National Association of Business Women and People’s Party (in 2011). Some other projects that add to her list are the Hunger Project and Young Women Leaders Network. She became the first female vice president of the country and serves the country.
1)       Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
johnson sirleaf presidentalportrait slideshow Top 10 Famous Women Presidents in the World
On January 16, 2012 she was appointed as the 24th President of Liberia. She won the re-election in November 2011 and she became the 1st elected female Head of State in Africa. In 2011, President Sirleaf got the prestigious Nobel Prize for Peace. She did great work for the betterment of his country and its people including rights of women and the importance of education. She was also appointed as one of co-chairs of a top level panel regarding the 2015 Development Agenda by the United Nations Secretary Agenda. She is the Goodwill Ambassador and is helping for Water, Hygiene and Sanitation problems in Africa. The national budget of the country has increased from $80 million (in 2006) to $672 million (in 2012).