Monday, 8 October 2012

Most Popular Google Chrome Plugins

10. Facebook Photo Zoom
photozoom image Top 10 Most Popular Google Chrome Plugins
Facebook is kind of thing which is now our one of the regular daily activity. Whatever kind of professional we are, we use facebook everyday. Facebook Photo Zoom Plug-in is created for Facebook, it helps us to view the actual photo without clicking on the photo and moving on to another webpage. Just hover over the photo and it shows you the actual size photo on same webpage without moving on to another webpage. If you don’t want to use just switch it off from the bottom. In simple words a very important and useful plug-in.
9. Session Manager
sessionmanager image Top 10 Most Popular Google Chrome Plugins
Sometimes, it is necessary that you need to save the web page exactly what it is, you want to save all the online work at the middle with your account logged in, Bookmarks for this isn’t enough you require something much better than that. Session manager allows you to save the current opened Tabs and working progress to save as it is, and you can open that session anytime whenever you required. If you want to create different sessions for your different work, just create session for all work once and use whatever work related session and just go on.
8. Angry Bird
angrybird image Top 10 Most Popular Google Chrome Plugins
If you are gaming person, another very interesting plug-in available for you is Angry Bird. We already aware with Angry Bird game, but we played this game over phones or tabs. Playing in a PC is a completely different thing, you don’t have to download the complete game. Just install the plug-in and enjoy this addictive game. You are in office or home just log into your google account and start playing just at the point you left.
7. FVD Video Downloader
fvd image 300x300 Top 10 Most Popular Google Chrome Plugins
Watching videos online wants to download? But site doesn’t allow any downloading! Stop fiddling around internet to get the registered version of software after paying few bucks to download videos. Easiest and quickest way to download any streaming Video and Audio is FVD Video Downloader chrome plug-in. It supports almost every video site, Streaming Audio or Video a little arrow sign changes its color to Blue, indicating that Steaming is available to download. It can also download Flash games in Swf format.
6. Picasa
picasa image1 Top 10 Most Popular Google Chrome Plugins
Picasa web album is a online photos sharing plug-in, it allows user to share photos and videos in easy and fastest way. You can directly upload photos and videos into web album just from your web browser. While browsing any video and photo, with a single click you can add any video or photo into your web album and share with millions of users online. Picasa also allows online editing of pictures, so select any photo online using Picasa plug-in, edit that photo and share online. One of the fastest and easiest way.
5. Turn off Lights
turnoff image Top 10 Most Popular Google Chrome Plugins
Watching videos at night on YouTube or any other Video Sites is sometimes stressful on eyes as the surrounding webpage reflects bright light on your eyes which makes little inconvenient to watch videos. Turn off lights Plug-in is a very useful tool to fade off the surrounding light. With a single click on lamp shape icon on your webpage, it fades off the webpage except the Video. This works equally efficiently with any other image sites. It allows many other features to customize the functionality according to user’s choice.
4. Google Dictionary
googledictionary image Top 10 Most Popular Google Chrome Plugins
This handy tool allows full feature of word dictionary on open tab. Double-click any word and it ‘l show you the meaning of the word in pop-up bubble, so no need to open new tab and look for the meaning of the word or hustle to download any heavy dictionary programs. Another powerful feature of this plug-in is that it also translates any foreign language to English or any other language of your choice. It supports 12 different language dictionary and over 40 language translation.
3. exfm Music
exfm image Top 10 Most Popular Google Chrome Plugins
A very attractive plug-in for music lovers, listen songs while browsing or working online. Many other websites are available in the market to listen songs online, but they require premium packages where you have to buy premium membership to listen songs, doesn’t requires any premium account, just install plug-in and you don’t even have to open a separate tab for this. It allows you to create library and manage songs according to your choice of genres, forget about downloading songs before listening. Just search for the song and will give you the requested song out of over millions songs library.
2. AdBlock
adblock image Top 10 Most Popular Google Chrome Plugins
Adblock is a very powerful and handy plug-in available out for Google chrome. What it does, it just makes your browsing fast and clear, by removing any unwanted and bulky pop-ups, thus allowing you to browse without any hustle. It just tears apart any unwanted ads and makes convenient for user to browse exactly what they are look for. Another Strong feature of this Plug-in is that it removes any ads from YouTube and Facebook videos so don’t wait for 30 seconds for ads to complete and just click and enjoy the videos.
1. Google Drive
googledrive image Top 10 Most Popular Google Chrome Plugins
Cloud computing is the current demand and finally Google has released its personal Cloud storage Google Drive. But if we are going to describe Google Drive, it’s not just Cloud Computing, it is much more than that, it is a blend of Google Docs and Google Cloud computing, which makes it a powerful cloud office suite. Create online, edit, share and access from anywhere doesn’t matters how big those files are. First time login gives you 5GB storage facility, one of the best plug-in for corporate and official personals.