Friday, 5 October 2012

Worst Methods of Execution in the World

Punishing  criminals is done in almost all societies.  Execution of  a person by judicial process as a punishment for an offense is called capital punishment or death penalty. These punishments are awarded for the crimes like theft, murder, rape, espionage, etc. But rewarding with such kinds of deaths is never ever hoped by a person.  These include cutting  the body parts, hanging, boiling and so on which are sure to make you cringe. Here is the list of most brutal punishments ever given to the culprits. Thankfully most of them are no more in use.
10.) Buried Alive
 Top 10 Worst Methods of Execution in the World
This kind of punishment was given to the prisoner of America, who used to violate the rules and principles as directd by the government. The people who consume drugs or ignoring orders or using profanity, etc.  The prisoner were jailed in the windowless rooms where day and night were indistinguishable. The criminals were tied up and then placed in a hole and buried.

9.)  Slow Slicing
 Top 10 Worst Methods of Execution in the World
This was described as the “death with thousand cuts”. In this type of execution, the torturer gradually cuts the body parts of the victim and makes severe efforts to extend the victim’s life as well as pain as longer as possible.

8.)  Necklacing
 Top 10 Worst Methods of Execution in the World
This was the practice most followed in South Africa in 1980-1990. In this type of  implementation, a rubber tyre is filled with gasoline and was hanged aroung the victim’s arms and chest ad was set alight.
This practice was later also followed in Brazil and Haiti.
7.)  Scaphism
 Top 10 Worst Methods of Execution in the World
This is an ancient Persian method of execution. In this, a naked person would be fastened frimly within a back to back pair of narrow row boats or a hollowed out tree trunk. The condemned was forced to ingest milk and honey so as for developing severe diarrohea and more and more honey was rubbed over his body so as to attract insects to cling to his body. This body was then either  exposed to heated sun or allowed to float on a stagnant pond. It usually took 15 to 17 days to die.

6.) Breaking Wheel
Breaking Wheel 600x496 Top 10 Worst Methods of Execution in the World
This practice was used during Middle Ages i.e. during 19th century in France, Germany, Denmark, Russia, Sweden, Romania and US. The wheel used to be a large wooden wagon with spokes. The criminal was lashed onto the wheel and was then beaten with an iron cudgel. The victim was beaten till the spoke of the wheel did not get divided into two.

5.)  Flaying
 Top 10 Worst Methods of Execution in the World
This crucial kind of punishment was followed in Burma and neighbouring countries. In this type of execution, the skin of the criminal is removed from their body with the help of a sharp edged knife. Attempts wee made to keep skin intact. This skin schema was then hanged in the city by the ruler, alerting all the other people who would disobey their power.

4.)  Drawing and Quartering
hanged drawn quartered Top 10 Worst Methods of Execution in the World
This was the practice most followed in England during medieval times. This execution was responsible for hundreds and thousands of deaths. The process was as follows: the prisoner was dragged onto a a wooden frame called as hurdle. Then the victim was hanged for a short period of time till he is almost dead. Then the disembowlement occurs in which the entrails and genitalia are burned and finally the body is divided into 4 separate parts and beheaded.

3.)  Boiling
Death by Boiling 600x472 Top 10 Worst Methods of Execution in the World
This method was used in Russia and Europe 3000 years ago. For carrying out this activity, oil, water and acid was required. This is considered to be the slowest and extremely painful kind of punishment. The victim was dipped into a big bowl kind of vessel. The bowl was filled with water, oil, tar, tallow and moltemn lead. This mixture was then heated at higher temperatures. Sometimes, the victim was immersed and then the liquid was heated or the victim was plunged into already boiling liquid. The executioner could speed up the demise of the person by dipping him deeper into the boiling liquid with the hepl of a hook. This is the frying of a  person to death!

2.)  Brazen Bull
Brazen Bull 600x415 Top 10 Worst Methods of Execution in the World
This technique of imparting death to prisoners was invented by Perilaus of Athens in 6t century. In addition to this, Perilaus himself was the first hut of Brazen Bull. It became most common methods of execution in Greece.
In this method, there used to be a huge Brass Bull that was completely hollw from inside with a door on the side, for a culprit to enter. Once the man was inside the bull, a fire would be lit beneath him in order to roast hum to death. Prilaus introduced a series of tubes in the head of the bull that amplifies the screams of the roasting person and make them sound like the roar of a Bull.
The man was then removed from the Bull and was thrown off a cliff. This is what happened to the designer of the stage, Perilaus, done to him by Phalaris.

1.)  Ling Chi
Lingchi 600x414 Top 10 Worst Methods of Execution in the World
This was a form of execution manly in China in 900 AD. This was executed to culprits blamed for treason and killing one’s parents. This is just another type of Slow Slicing, lingering death or death by thousand cuts.  The criminal is slowly cut in the arms, legs and chest and finally stabbed in the heart. It was a practice that took days to finish a man’s life. The executioner took out flesh from the man’s body with a sharp knife. the process proceeds from top to bottom i.e. cutting of nose, ears, lips was followed by limbs, ankles, elbows and knees. The punishment worked on three levels : as a form of public humiliation, as a slow and painful death, and as a punishment after death.. it includes the acts cutting, tearing, pulling, wrenching and removing the limbs of the culprit.