Monday, 8 October 2012

Best Ways to Win Back your Ex Girlfriend

There are time’s when every relationship gets into it’s all time low’s, some couples get out of it some don’t. Often it’s after the end of a relationship that we feel that probably our Ex was the best we could have found. However most of the time’s it has already become too late and we don’t really have a way to get her back. So it’s best to act as early as possible, we understand that there could be many reasons for the end of a relation but we know that our list of Top 10 Ways here are best ways to get yourEx Girlfriend back.
10. Don’t Piss here Off, Give her the Space
girlfriend space Top 10 Best Ways to Win Back your Ex Girlfriend
One very important reason if you don’t want your Ex GirlFriend to get permanently away from you. If she has broken up with you, you should not in any way piss her off by calling up regularly and asking her to  get back. She would think of you as a looser and may just become proud of her decision of going away from you. So your best bet is going to be to give her the space and let her decide over her decision herself.
9. Show that you are more Happier than ever
boyfriend happy Top 10 Best Ways to Win Back your Ex Girlfriend
Ok, so if you see (encounter makes more sense) your Ex a lot of times a day then your best bet is going to be to show her that you are more happier than ever. Be indulged with your friends whenever she is around and show off that you are so very engulfed and so very happy with your life and hardly miss her being around. The best option is here going to be if u could talk to your female colleagues or female (ofcourse good looking) friends so that she gets just a bit jealous.
8. Don’t ever get Over Possessive
possessive boy Top 10 Best Ways to Win Back your Ex Girlfriend
We know it’s hard to follow this point but it’s definitely a must. If u see your girl getting cosy with a boy or flirting with a boy don’t ever get over possessive, don’t forget that she is no longer your girl. Let us her do whatever she does and just believe in yourself and at least make her realize your presence so that she knows that some one who cares for her is around.
7. Give her Time so that she Realize’s
time relation Top 10 Best Ways to Win Back your Ex Girlfriend
Give your girl friend some time after the relation has ended, so that she realize on her own that you are her MAN. Time heals a lot of things and it may just be good enough to get your girlfriend back to you. Just remember that you don’t make her so very uncomfortable that she feel’s difficult to let you know about her new renewed feelings.
6. Tell her that you still Love her
love girl Top 10 Best Ways to Win Back your Ex Girlfriend
So once you have had the breakup with your girlfriend and your suddenly re realize that she is the only one you can love then it’s important to let her know that at least once so that if she gets similar feelings ever in future she can let u know freely. Also you can try giving her a gift that shows all your feelings post breakup. Here is a good list of gifts for girlfriend that you can consider.
5. Get involved with other more pretty Girls, specially if they are your Ex’s friends
boy talking girl Top 10 Best Ways to Win Back your Ex Girlfriend
If nothing else work’s out that than this is one great option, get involved with one of the hottest chicks around and it’s really going to work out very well if she’s your Ex Girlfriend’s friend. We know it might be hard to do that but trying is definitely a good option. We also know that if u ever get involved in a more beautiful chick then your Ex then you may not want to think of any one else in future but than that is again a Win Situation for you.
4. Cut off all the Communication with her
communication Top 10 Best Ways to Win Back your Ex Girlfriend
A serious Point, make her realize that you aren’t really dependent on her and can manage your self without her too. Cut off all the communication with her, even if she tries contacting you make sure to ignore her as much as you can. This point may just do the wonders for you and help you get your Ex Girlfriend back.
3. Be Confident
confident man Top 10 Best Ways to Win Back your Ex Girlfriend
Show her that you haven’t lost yourself. Get your Pre Breakup confidence back and doesn’t matters even if it’s Over Confidence. Show her that you know it all and you are the one she always dream off. Show her that you know it all, you are the Man.
2. Play Games
Don’t let her have an easy access to you. Play games show off that you are one hell of a busy and successful man (someone like Mark Zuckerberg). Show off that there are alot of people who need a minute of you and you cant really become available so easily. Wait for perfect moment to arrive before u are sure that she wants you back badly.
1. Stay in Shape and look your Best
good looking man1 Top 10 Best Ways to Win Back your Ex Girlfriend
Post separating with your Girlfriend don’t get into all those depressy looks:(. Look your best, Eat and Stay healthy. Make sure that you don’t really get out of shape and work even more harder in the gym, Be a MACHO so that you can get her back. Make you Ex realize that she left the best looking man.