Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Best Beaches for Surfing World

Some of you may visit a beach to relax by having bask in the sun but some of the energetic people involve themselves in a more active and sporting activity which is Surfing. This is the category of the real beach lovers who praise each and every wave of the beach. Those who have a hobby of surfing are found to be more relaxed from the stressed life of today’s world. What these surfers require is nothing more than perfect waves. This mean they always look for the right place for the right kind of waves. Here is the list of the world’s top 10 sites where you can surf and enjoy to the fullest. The list is derived on the basis of weather, accessibility, and most importantly, the quality of the waves as well the frequency of the waves.
10] Isla Ensenada, Panama:
panama Top 10 Best Beaches for Surfing World
The place so small on a map, but a complete fun spot when you visit there. You can go there by joining Morro Negrito Surf Camp and they will provide you the access to the beach and this very much entertaining place. They also provide you a trip to 10 challenging breaks of the small island as well as some of the small breaks of Big Island. As the camp is only valid for 20 surfers at a time, you will never find this place crowded. The season to visit there is during April to October.
9] Sultans, North Male:
north male Top 10 Best Beaches for Surfing World
This is the beach in Maldives. The place is a consistent reef wave spot which pump absolutely in the spring season. There are rocks on the island which can be hazardous at times but you can help yourself with a live-abroad outfit. There are 1190 coral islands in Maldives which are breathtakingly beautiful. The experts can find themselves fit in the place and the beginners are also supposed to have fun in the area.
8] Bali, Indonesia:
bali indonesia Top 10 Best Beaches for Surfing World
This Island in Indonesia hold rank one among the tourist destinations of Indonesia. The island lies in the western part of Lesser Sunda Islands. It includes the waves coming from Southern Ocean reaching upto a height of 12ft during the period between April to November. The place is overly-crowded and even then, if a perfect scene of nature. The surfers, apart from the beginners, from Australia and Hawaii also get attracted to this very beautiful and enthusiastic place.
7] Mavericks, California:
mavericks  Top 10 Best Beaches for Surfing World
This place is one of the best attractions of not only California but also the complete United States. The waves here create a legend; the height of the waves in winter rises to a astonishingly high level. The waves at this place even reach 50ft high during the winter season and thus, the beach is extreme dangerous at that time. Rest of the year, this place is super-fun for all those who love surfing. The very famous big-wave surfer named Mark Foo was at this place during winters and lost his life in the year 1994, so better check the season when you plan a visit here.
6] Costa Rica:
 Top 10 Best Beaches for Surfing World
This is also one of the legendary places of the Central America popularly known as the Republic of Costa Rica. There are many great surf spots here which attract a lot of ‘Hardcore’ surfers from around the world. The major swell season in this area starts from April and lasts till October. Also this waves round is consistent every year. Tamarindo is one of surfing beaches of Costa Rica which is a tourist hotspot in America. Be it Long-boarders or short-boarders, this place welcomes all of them. Here, the river mouth opens in such a way that a world of waves is adopted in here for both styles.
5] Huntington Beach, US:
 Top 10 Best Beaches for Surfing World
The most popular beach in the whole US West Coast is the Huntington Beach. The beach’s area stretches over 8.5 miles and is one of the best beaches in the world. If you are an expert, you will love to surf here, and if you are a beginner then also there is plenty of space for you to practice. The area surrounding the beach is a Hollywood-like facelift. This is also known as the Surf City, U.S.A. International Surfing Championship and OP Pro Surfing tournaments are annually held at this beach with all the professionals join here.
4] Fuerteventura, Spain:
Fuerteventura spain Top 10 Best Beaches for Surfing World
This place located in Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean, Africa, is a very popular surfing destination which remains crowded with surfers from all over the globe. The best season to surf here is in October and March. ‘Fuerteventura’ means ‘Strong Winds’ and as the name says, the place is famous for the windy conditions and supports excellent windsurfing along with long board and short board surfing. There are a lot of surf-schools here for the beginners whereas the experts can entertain oneself through the awesome waves.
3] Gold Coast:
gold coast Top 10 Best Beaches for Surfing World
The place exists in Australia in the southeast corner of Queensland and is the 6th most populous city in the country. This city experiences subtropical climate and has 70km of beaches all around and many main point breaks: the Spit, Main Beach, Narrowneck, Stradbroke Island, Broad Beach, Palm Beach and Mermaid Beach. Not just the climate, but the waves here will attract you like nothing before. The city is popularly called ‘Surfer’s Paradise’ and also ‘Mecca of surfers’. The beach here is crowded almost every time but they are truly worth it. The water is from the Pacific which offers a fun-filled ride. The recommended seasons are March to June and September to December.
2] Jeffreys Bay, South Africa:
jeffreys bay Top 10 Best Beaches for Surfing World
This place of South Africa is the second highest ranked surfing sites. During June, July,and August, the season for surfers is the best. This beach also held events for Billabong Pro WCT surfing festival annually during July. There are great beaches like Magna Tubes, Kitchen Windows, Super Tubes, Albatross and many others. The waves here reach a height of 8 feet and the pure surfers would simply love the place while others can simply watch them because there is nothing much to do otherwise. The experts who surf here even travel up to 300 meters length without even getting tired. The place lies in the southwest of Port Elizabeth.
1] Pipeline, US:
pipeline1 Top 10 Best Beaches for Surfing World
Now this is the best one. This site in Oahu, Hawaii is the one which everyone longs to visit. Most of those who surf will never be perfect while surfing here but they definitely dream to ride the perfect crest of the waves in a perfect manner. This is the place of one of the deadliest waves which have more deaths recorded than any other surfing spot. Therefore, this place is definitely not the best fit for the beginners. The Pipeline is located on the island where the surfing was created and is supposed to have the highest as well as heaviest waves in the world.