Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Celebrities who died because of Drug Overdose

Drug abuse is a very dangerous problem. Its addiction is even a more devastating one. It causes complications in a person’s health, relations, work, and others. Most significant result o the drug overuse is death. It is not always the case that the person willingly did the harm to himself. Sometimes it is the doctors who are to be blamed. They are the sources of these drugs which result in a million killings. Illegal drugs are truly dangerous for a person’s health but the danger of a legal drug cannot be overlooked. Taking drug cocktails, mixture of drugs, a combination of them, and overuse of them, have proved to be deadly. Many famous celebrities lost their lives in this drug interaction. Some of the very popular cases are:
#10] River Phoenix:
river phoenix Top 10 Celebrities who died because of Drug Overdose
Born in 1970, River Phoenix was from Oregon US. He was a very famous actor who was starred 24 films among which were many of the great films including – Stand By Me, The Thing Called Love, Little Nikita, Running on Empty and many others. During his life time, he proudly supported animal rights and never used any animal products in his films instead refused to use them. When he was just 23 years old, he died due to speedballs, which is a combination of heroin and cocaine. At a nightclub, The Viper Room, he took this mixture and died outside this nightclub on 31st October, 1993, California.
#9] John Belushi:
john belushijpg Top 10 Celebrities who died because of Drug Overdose
John Adam Belushi was born on 24th January1949 in Chicago, Illinois. He was a very great and renowned actor of his time. Other than actor, he is also considered as a great musician and comedian. He appeared in the television screens in shows such as The Blue Brothers, Saturday Night Live and other programs that were put on by National Lampoon. His brother came out to be more famous than him but he was always in news because of his drug overuse. He died, when he was 33, of accidently talking a drug overdose of 11 speedballs, which is a mixture of cocaine and heroin, on 5th of March 1982.
#8] Brittany Murphy:
brittany murphy Top 10 Celebrities who died because of Drug Overdose
Brittany Anne Bertolotti was the name of this actress when she was born on 10th November, 1977 at Atlanta, Georgia, United States. She was an American Actress who acted in the movies such as 8 Miles, Girl Interrupted, Clueless, King of the Hill etc. When she was 32 years old, she suffered from pneumonia and anemia, and her conditions were very severe. She took a drug overdose and thus died due to multiple drug intoxication.  Though all the drugs were prescribed to her but taking a heavy dosage of them led to her death on 20th December 2009.
#7] Anna Nicole Smith:
Anna Nicole smith Top 10 Celebrities who died because of Drug Overdose
Her birth name was Vickie Lynn Hogan and was born on 28 November, 1967 in Houston, Texas. Anna was a model as well as an actress. In the year 1993, she was named as the Playboy Playmate of the year. In her lifetime, she married three times and had the best time with J. Howard Marshall. When she was 39, she died due to an overdose of chloral hydrate and some other prescribed drugs. The incident took place on 8th February, 2007 in Florida and the drug overdose was accidental. She left behind her infant daughter when she died.
#6] Jim Morrison:
jim morrison Top 10 Celebrities who died because of Drug Overdose
He was born on 8th December, 1943 in Melbourne, Florida. His birth name was James Douglas Morrison. Later he became popular as The Lizard King and also Mr, Mojo Risin’. He was a very famous singer and the lead person of the band named The Doors. He used to write poems and his own songs. And he also directed a few films and was an actor in the few movies. His lifetime gives a picture of him of both drugs as well as alcohol abuse. When he was 27 years old, an accidental overdose of Heroin in the bath in Paris, France led to a heart attack and he died on 3rd July 1972. There were many other stories about his death but the truth is the heart attack due to heroin overdose.
#5] Jimi Hendrix:
jimi hendrix1 Top 10 Celebrities who died because of Drug Overdose
Born on November 27 1942, in Seattle, Washington, Jimi Hendrix is one of the best known electric guitarists of the world. Apart from Guitarist, he was also a singer, a song writer, a musician, producer, and an entrepreneur of recording studio. He was popular for his use of drugs during his time. He died on 18th September 1970, at an age of 27 in London, England. The reason of his death was the intake of a mixture of alcohol and some tranquilizers or opiates. After taking this combination, he passed out and later vomited and choked on his vomit as choking leads in a stop to breathing.
#4] Heath Ledger:
heath ledger Top 10 Celebrities who died because of Drug Overdose
The stunning actor, Heath Ledger, gave many of the best performances in movies. His acting in the film ‘The Dark Knight’ and dialogues like “..and I thought my jokes were bad” gained very much popularity. This famous Australian actor died on 22 January 2008 in New York City. He died young, i.e., just 28 years old. He died due taking in a wrong combination of the prescribed drugs. This is officially declared that a mixture of prescribed drugs, which included painkillers, anti-anxiety drugs, some sleeping pills, mostly valium.
#3] Marilyn Monroe:
marilyn monroe 524x1024 Top 10 Celebrities who died because of Drug Overdose
Marilyn Monroe was a very popular actress and a model. She was born on June 1st 1926 and her birth name was Norma Jean Mortenson. She had three marriages but none of them lasted long and were divorced. She gave some of the best performances as an actress in films such as How to Marry a Millionaire, Some Like it Hot, etc. She is the only woman who holds a position in the list of Top Earning Dead Celebrities by Forbes. She died when she was 36 years old in the year 1962. The reason of her death is the intake of overdose of some of the prescription drugs, preciously, sleeping pills and is rumoured to be combined with alcohol as well. Her death is also considered as a suicide “possibly”.
#2] Elvis Presley:
elvis presley Top 10 Celebrities who died because of Drug Overdose
Elvis was a very great and very popular singer in the 20th century. He was famous as ‘The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll. It is believed that he died of a drug overdose. Some of the controversial people believe that he died due to a heart attack, or choking on food. But the truth is he was always on a combination of variety of painkillers, and also opiates and barbiturates. He lived a very unhealthy life during his entire career period. At the age of 42 years, he died and the day was August 16, 1977.
#1] Michael Jackson:
michael jackson Top 10 Celebrities who died because of Drug Overdose
Michael Jackson is a legendary person. He is known as the King of Pop. He gave a new direction to the world through his dance. Not only dance, he also was a singer and broke many records and made new records by his music career. He was a very famous pop star who was a little quite about his habit of using prescription drugs. But prescription drugs can be harmful as they cause side effects. Also the different kinds of drugs can interact with each other and result in harmful products. His doctor, who injected him with a drug which is used in post-surgery for knocking out the people, went to jail. He died on January 25, 2009. Many of his long-term fans were broken. He was a hero for sure.