Sunday, 7 October 2012

Ways to Find New People and Make Them Friends

Friends are the one who give meaning to life. It is very important to have a friend with whom you can share your every little thing. To be happy and live life comfortably one should have a couple of good friend on whom you can rely for anything and everything. All of us want companionship and that is where friends come into picture. When you move on to a new place it is very important for you to quickly find new friends otherwise you are sure to get bored and frustrated. So here we are taking about 10 ways by which we can find new people and make them an integral part of life by making them your friend.
10. Connect with your alumni association
10. Alumni Top 10 Ways to Find New People and Make Them Friends
Nothing is much better than connecting with the people whom you know from the past. Alumni association is one such place where you can find people and make them friends. Get together of the alumni association is a perfect way to meet new people. There will be so many resemblances among people if you are of the same alumni association. Use this chance as a perfect opportunity to erase all the loneliness from your life and find a companion with whom you feel good and fulfilled.
9. Get a dog
9. dog Top 10 Ways to Find New People and Make Them Friends
People are very much fond of pets. In today’s world having a pet is like a status symbol. And out of all the pets, the most common are the dogs. People walk around the parks with their dogs and get the much needed attention from the other people. There are so many incidents in which you meet new people just walking in the park with your dog. There are lots of people out there who got to know each other just because of their pets. So to find new people and to make them your friend, walk with your dog and you are sure to get someone.
8. Give a Compliment
8. compliments Top 10 Ways to Find New People and Make Them Friends
Everyone people love to get complimented be it a girl or a boy. If you find something that touches your heart or say if you like something about someone, don’t hesitate to express. Instead of that, just walk to them and tell them. It is a perfect way to get noticed and then you can start a conversation. Just be honest with what you say and express it in a perfect way. A compliment is an easiest way to start talking with someone and this conversation can also lead to friendship. Moreover you may also receive a compliment in return and that is always pleasing.
7. Go to a meet-up
 Top 10 Ways to Find New People and Make Them Friends
When you are in a new place and you so eagerly want to get a friend as soon as possible, then you must visit the social events which are called as meet ups. In today’s culture these types of social events are organized in mostly all the big cities where people meet with each other without the tension of work and try to build a new healthy relationship. Besides this there are many chances that you many meet new people unexpectedly. Just grab that opportunity with both hands.
6. Have a social hobby
6. hobbies Top 10 Ways to Find New People and Make Them Friends
Having a social hobby is one of the safest and the most used techniques to find new people. For sure you will find new people if you have one or the other social hobbies. You can join classes or group which are indulged in such activities. There you will find new people and moreover you will easily be attracted to people there because they have the same taste as yours and that’s always a good thing. Start a conversation as soon as you get opportunity and you will surely be rewarded with what you wanted to have. 
5. Go Online
5. Go Online Top 10 Ways to Find New People and Make Them Friends
Today the world has become so much high tech that every little thing is done online. Over the past decade there has been tremendous increase in the users that have accounts on one or the other social networking sites. These social networking sites have not only bridged the gap but have also played a major role in nourishing one’s friendship. A friend who is far away seems that he is near to us, only because of these social networking sites. So to find new friend, go online. If you don’t have your account on social networking sites then just go and create it. It is the perfect way to meet new people and you can surely make good friends on the web.
4. Hang Out After Work
4. Hang out Top 10 Ways to Find New People and Make Them Friends
You can easily bond well with the people you work with and can make them your good friend. There is just the need of doing right things at the right time. Talk with the people you have in your office or at workplace. Plan some outing with them. Have fun with them. Even if you are busy with lots and lots of work, try and find out time so that you can hang out with them after your working hours. This will help you share a good bond with them and next if you find that you feel good being with some of your colleagues, then you can move on to become friends.
3. Volunteer
3. Volunteers Top 10 Ways to Find New People and Make Them Friends
Taking part in the volunteering activities will surely fetch you a good friend. There is a number of volunteering organization throughout that organizes different activities. Go and participate in those activities and you will for sure find some people there with whom you can start and have a long lasting friendship. Working for a social cause and participating in charity work will not only attract people to you but will also make a positive image of yours. And that is nice step to attract people towards you, Interact with people there and make them friends.
2. Join a Club
2. join a club Top 10 Ways to Find New People and Make Them Friends
Joining a club of your interest will help you meet people who are having same interest as yours. There are a huge number of clubs in almost every city and you can join either of them that suits you and your interest. The club can be of anything. Say a book reading club or a club that get involves in social causes or a club having indoor games facility and so on. Clubs are a perfect place to meet and new people. And moreover the people you meet there will have same hobbies as your and this help you to have a conversation and start a bonding that you were looking for.
1. Be a Friend First
1. Friend Top 10 Ways to Find New People and Make Them Friends
If you seriously want to have some good friends in your life then the first and the foremost thing that you should do is to be a friend for someone else.  If you will be friend to someone then this will surly make people come and start conversation with you. If you will be a friend yourself, you are sure to get a nice friendship in return. And that is what you are looking for. It is well said by many writers and is perfectly valid statement that says in order to find friends, first you yourself be a good friend.