Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Most Addictive Computer Games of all time

Computer games are known for the capacity of simulating the reality and giving an occupation which provides entertainment to the gamer. There are times when the computer games are so well developed that they set an addiction in the mind of the gamer and he keeps playing and playing without eating or drinking.  There were cases of children neglecting caused by game addiction. Game addiction is bad and it can mess up people`s minds very easily. Usually only the games with a very good gameplay are able to install an addiction into the mind of the player. The top 10 most addictive games ever are:
10. Mortal Kombat 
mortal kombat 300x225 Top 10 Most Addictive Computer Games of all time
Mortal Kombat is one of the most addictive games created till now because it provides the opportunity of an endless gameplay without any boredom. This game was especially created to give the gamer the opportunity to chose from a big variety of fighter with many combos available which are very hard to learn. Once you have learned those combos they seem pretty easy to do and the game is more interesting. I have played this game for hours without noticing any change around me and I consider that it deserves the 10th place on this top.
9. Mario
Mario Top 10 Most Addictive Computer Games of all time
Mario is the game of many people`s childhood. Everybody remembers those day when he used to sit in front of the TV for hours just to get to the princess and save her or to defeat those poisonous toads. In my opinion Mario has one of the best gameplays until now which does not let you get bored and always comes with something new. The thing that makes Mario very addictive is that when you lose your lives you have to start over and you can lose them easily. If you made a wrong move you would end up touching a poisonous frog or you would fell in an endless pit.
8. Solitaire
solitaire 300x223 Top 10 Most Addictive Computer Games of all time
Solitaire is a very simple card game that everybody likes to play in his breaks. It frequently happens that you want to play it for 10 minutes and when you look at the clock a few hours have passed and you have a lot of things to do. I am very amazed by the way a simple game like Solitaire can cause such a major addiction. It doesn`t have any interesting graphics only the simple idea of aligning the cards. It is  on the 8th place because this game made many breaks longer than they should have been.
dota 300x225 Top 10 Most Addictive Computer Games of all time
DOTA is the casual time eating online game. It provides you the opportunity to fight for territory with the opponent team and you must develop your hero and forge him proper items to help your team win the match. It is very addictive and it makes you forget how time passes because after every match you want another one, and the minimum duration is 40 minutes. When you play DOTA time seems like flying because after one match you watch the clock and you ask yourself when did 2 hours pass? It is very addictive because you can play it with your friends while communicating, which makes it more fun.
6. Final Fantasy
final fantasy 300x240 Top 10 Most Addictive Computer Games of all time
Final Fantasy highlights the old idea of battling the ancient evil who rules the in-game world but it highlights it so well that you forget that this story is a cliché. First version of Final Fantasy was launched in 1987 and the team who works on this game has enough experience to make it interesting and addictive for the whole public. You can not hold yourself why you are playing Final Fantasy because every time will appear a new challenge that makes the game more interesting than it was before.
fifa 300x261 Top 10 Most Addictive Computer Games of all time
Every soccer fan is absolutely crazy about playing FIFA. FIFA simulates the world of soccer so well that you can play it for hours and hours without getting bored, only angry when you lose in front of an opponent. The most interesting thing about this game is that every soccer player is available for your team and you can play with him in any match. This game causes such a major addiction that many players start getting annoyed on the virtual players who don`t run as fast as they want or don`t shoot hard enough. FIFA is extremely addictive and it can make you forget that you have something else to do.
4. Empire Earth
empire earth Top 10 Most Addictive Computer Games of all time
The most addictive strategy game ever created is Empire Earth. This is an old game but the gameplay and character developing is absolutely amazing. You have to build and protect your own city from the invaders while gathering resources from around your base. Your humans can be evolved but this thing takes time. When you play Empire Earth it frequently happens to get your base destroyed after a few hours of gameplay, than you have to start over and spend another amount of time to evolve your race.
3. Zuma
zuma Top 10 Most Addictive Computer Games of all time
Zuma is one of the simplest addictive games ever. You have to spit balls and make three in a row of the same color and those balls will pop. While you are trying to pop all the balls, they form a line and they keep going ahead to a hole you have to protect. If one ball enters there, you lost one life and you must start over and finish the level. This game causes a major addiction because of its complicated levels that last a long time and are very hard to finish.